CrowdSource Set to Acquire by Month’s End

Jay Owen Crowdfunding

CrowdSource Set to Acquire by Month’s End — CrowdSource, a company that helps online retailers and other companies create content via the crowd, announced late last week that it’s set to acquire, a competitor. We spoke with co-founder and CEO Stephanie Leffler to find out what motivated her team to make the deal.


Wikimedia Foundation Sends Cease and Desist Letter to Wiki-PR

On behalf of the Wikimedia Foundation, Cooley LLP sent a cease and desist letter to Wiki-PR yesterday, demanding the company to stop “further editing the Wikipedia website unless and until [it has] fully complied with the terms and conditions outlined by the Wikimedia Community.”

CharityTick Wants to Fund Nonprofits Through Online Auctions

Nonprofits often have a hard time attracting large grants — the competition is severe, and the funds for charities scarce. One entrepreneur thinks he has a better model: lots of small contributions via crowd-powered auctions. We take a look at his platform, CharityTick.

Bitcoin-Powered ‘Assassination Market’ Crowdfunding Bounties

Shocked by this summer’s Snowden leaks, many people expressed grave concern about the extent of the spying programs. A few set out to improve communications technology available to keep the prying eyes and ears out. And one person decided to create a site that crowdfunds bounties on the people responsible for the spying program, as well as other world leaders.

Crowdfunding Tip of the Week: Outsource Your Way to Success

Crowdfunding is devilishly full of details that are too much to handle for the average human trying to go it alone. It’s the reason many people decide crowdfunding is not for them — who has the time? Rose Spinelli writes in to tell our readers about a few services that crowdfunders can use to hire virtual assistants for their campaign.

GE Invites the Crowd to Design Santa’s Sleigh

GE is currently running a campaign to design Santa’s sleigh, and it’s asking the crowd for ideas. With the help of GrabCAD and Shapeways, GE is asking for 3D designs of the sleigh, as part of its #3DPrintMyGift initiative.

Bloomberg Law on General Solicitation, Bad Actors [Webinar]

Bloomberg Law recently held a very insightful webinar around the recently-enacted laws that lifted the ban on general solicitation (advertising) of private offerings. The panelists discussed what changes the laws made, and how these changes affect startups and large financial firms.