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he Way Forward for Renewable Energy in Central America

Phase One Report Just Released:

The Way Forward Renewable Energy in Central America: Status Assessment, Best Practices, Gap Analysis

Click to download a copy of the report: English Version &Spanish Version

With joint support from the Climate Development Knowledge Networkand the Energy and Environment Partnership with Central America, and in close cooperation with the INCAE Business School, the Worldwatch Institute has completed the most comprehensive and up-to-date status survey and gap assessment of renewable energy in Central America. The report focuses on the status of renewable energy technologies in Central America and analyzes the conditions for their advancement in the future. It identifies important knowledge and information gaps and evaluates key finance and policy barriers, making suggestions for how to overcome both. As such, this study is a “roadmap of a roadmap”—it scopes the improvements that need to happen with regard to the key components of a sustainable energy system and establishes the necessary methodology and groundwork for comprehensive national energy strategies.


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