Sustainable Brands: New Metrics Poised for Growth: Program Now Available!

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New Metrics Poised for Growth: Program Now Available!

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Since laying out the case for the need for New Metrics (#NewMetrics) and launching our digital and face-to-face conversations on the topic a few years ago, we have been delighted to observe growing interest from all directions. While some forward-looking business leaders – such as Microsoft, SAP, BT, HP, Walmart, Sprint, Puma, Nestlé, BASF and others – are now aware of the opportunities New Metrics bring and actively trying to figure out the most beneficial applications in the context of their industries or geographies, others are still discovering this new domain. This was evidenced by the multitude of responses to our introductory New Metrics post last week.
To give you greater clarity into topics and speakers lining up for our two-day New Metrics gathering in September, we have just published an advanced draft of the program. Please bear in mind that we want only the most value-adding, most current content, and so we go through meaningful engagement and careful analysis before confirming nominated speakers. We will be updating it continuously, but it’s already looking more than promising.

Latest Confirmed Speakers:

Speaker Photo

Mary Jo Cook
Chief Impact Officer
Fair Trade USA

Speaker Photo

Ory Zik
Founder & CEO
Energy Points

Speaker Photo

Erin Meezan
Vice President, Sustainability

Speaker Photo

Greg Hills
Managing Director

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The Power of Storytelling: Lessons in Consumer Engagement, Activation and Loyalty

Top 13 Data Nuggets from SB’13

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Myths have been part of human culture since our earliest times, according to Free Range Studios CEO/co-founder Jonah Sachs. In his presentation, Sachs explored the ideas behind his popular workshops on the power of storytelling to further consumer engagement, activation and loyalty. Stories are how we connect with the world and make sense of it; they are therefore a critical tool for bringing about a more sustainable world. “The stories we are telling are as important as what we are selling,” said Sachs.

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As we warm up for this year’s New Metrics of Sustainable Business Conference on September 24-25, we thought we would take the opportunity to highlight the data quotes that received the most attention at Sustainable Brands ’13 last month. With over 32 million impressions during the week of the conference alone, the #sb13con hashtag was a strong indicator of what is catching immediate fire. Here are the 13 data points that created the most noise.

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Membership Has Its Privileges

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SB Corporate Members represent some of the best brand names in business. By virtue of their membership, they are demonstrating themselves to be committed learners on the path toward becoming market-leading better brands, and many of them are already well on their way! In addition to accessing preferred pricing on Sustainable Brands® events, members enjoy deeper interaction with their peers via a private online forum, private member calls,meetings and events — all focused on overcoming the most challenging obstacles faced by the group who are collectively committed to driving success by bringing better brands to market.
Members also enjoy the opportunity to share their wins online with the global community — coming up on 500,000 strong — through unlimited access to the member news room for distribution of relevant news. And depending on membership level, they take advantage of member concierge research support for individual challenges or projects, custom content creation and more.

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