3BL Media Announces the Acquisition of CSRwire

Jay Owen SRI/ESG News

It is with great excitement that 3BL Media announced today the acquisition of CSRwire.  As you may know, some of us at 3BL came from CSRwire about five years ago, so this is truly an amazing opportunity to bring a brand we helped build into the 3BL Media family.


Since 1999, CSRwire has worked with thousands of Member companies to help raise awareness for their corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability initiatives.  During that time, CSRwire built a loyal following with their web site traffic, social media channels and leading editorial coverage of all things CSR.


It is our intention to maintain the CSRwire website and provide the resources and financial stability to ensure it remains a strong ‘voice’ in CSR communications.  The addition of CSRwire to 3BL Media will add even greater reach, credibility and exposure to both 3BL and CSRwire’s clients and members.



 – Click here to read the official press release announcing the acquisition.


 – Click here for a blog about this announcement, written by Bill Baue, an internationally recognized expert on sustainability communications.



We hope you join us in celebrating this news and the added value this means to our existing relationship with Ethical Markets Media.