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SEC Chair Says Crowdfunding Coming “Soon,” But When is That? — In a recent speech at the annual “SEC speaks” event, current Securities and Exchange Commission chair Elisse Walter placed the word “crowdfunding” immediately after the word “soon.” That seems like progress, but how much?


‘Third-Level Survivorship’ in Crowdfunding 

The Inter-American Development Bank recently engaged the research and advisory firm massolution to explore the possibilities of crowdfunding in Latin America. We feature some insights from the resulting workshop.

Come Along With Us to Crowdsourcing Week in Singapore 

For many months now, we’ve been watching the preparations for something called “Crowdsourcing Week” take place. And as the event — it takes place in Singapore June 3 through 7 — has drawn closer, it has only grown in its scope, ambition and accompanying sense of gravitas.

Lionbridge Storming Sectors with Crowdsourced Solutions 

Growth in enterprise crowdsourcing is accelerating, and Massachusetts-based Lionbridge is pitching its expanded crowdsourced offerings to a handful of different sectors ranging from local governments to major enterprises.

The 2013 Crowdfunding Industry Survey A Resounding Success 

The 2013 industry-wide crowdfunding survey closed last week. We share the survey’s success and when the resulting Crowdfunding Industry Report will be published.

Kickstarter and NASA Get New Crowd-based Apps – The Crowded Room Podcast 

Kickstarter has finally released a mobile app for the iPhone and iPod, while NASA is taking a similar approach to get the crowd involved in designing an approach to help astronauts keep track of their nutritional and eating habits.Crowdsourcing.org editors Eric Blattberg, Anton Root and Eric Mack discuss both.

A Look at NineSights, NineSigma’s Open Innovation Social Community 

We had a chance to speak with Denys Resnick, vice president of strategic programs at NineSigma, about the open innovation intermediary’s social media community NineSights.

Sara Hanks on SEC Talks in The Crowded Room 

In the Crowded Room, we speak with Sara Hanks, Co-Founder of CrowdCheck, who sat in on meetings with crowdfunding industry leaders and the SEC in Washington, D.C. last week.


More Stories

Open Innovation Challenge Aims to Reduce Alberta’s Carbon Footprint

Alberta’s Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation recently unveiled a Grand Challenge on NineSights looking to find innovative uses for carbon dioxide.

Crowdfunding Campaign a Success Despite Falling Short of Goal

A crowdfunding campaign for Oogave, an organic soda, fell way short of its $500,000 goal. But the campaign owner still considers the campaign a success thanks to a bridge loan that came about thanks to the buzz around the campaign.

Here’s Who’s Already Doing Equity Crowdfunding in the U.S. (INFOGRAPHIC)

While we wait for the JOBS Act to go into effect, it can be easy to forget that there has been crowdfunding for equity going on in the United States for years now among accredited investors.




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