30th Anniversary–2nd EDITION–The Next 30 Years

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Image courtesy of JLL: The Challenge of Decarbonizing Cities and Real Estate


Welcome to Part Two of our 30th Anniversary Issue, where we look at “the next 30 years.” 

GreenMoney has been a solutions-focused publication since our earliest days. While acknowledging the ongoing challenges, we focus on the road ahead, towards a more sustainable economy and restorative future for all.

And so we begin this late July/August edition looking to the future because many scholars say these coming three decades constitute the most critical timeframe ever for the survival of humanity. Our writers paint an accurate picture of our world currently while illuminating the path forward. They include Joe Keefe of Impax Asset Mgmt./Pax World funds; and Ebony Perkins of UHC and formerly with Self-Help CU. Also find JLL’s latest Decarbonizing Real Estate research and Sustainable Forestry Initiative’s 10 year Impact Report.

And don’t miss our featured podcast: Inside the Circle, a new series exploring the circular economy in action and our featured video on solving the plastic waste crisis from Circularity 22.

In closing, I would like to add my congratulations to our long-time friends over at the Biomimicry Institute as they turn 25 this year. We are so inspired by the nature-based approach that Janine Benyus and her team have pioneered, bridging biology and design to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.

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