3 Steps to Funding Your Gift to the Global Shift

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Without a doubt, you have a gift to share with the world. It’s what you came here to do. It’s the fire in your belly, the reason you get up in the morning (even if you don’t know it yet!).

Maybe you’ve built a business around this gift. Or perhaps you’re pondering a new venture that will allow you to fully express your gift, and be of service to your clients or community.

But of course, you need to generate money to keep it going, so that it–and you–can grow and flourish.

When we do polls of our deeply dedicated members (who really want to help transform the world), finances are always listed near the top. People throughout our network are hungry to know HOW to do their soul’s work and get paid.

That’s where Alexis Neely comes in. She has built multiple multi-million dollar businesses sharing her gifts. One of these gifts is helping entrepreneurs like us get their gifts out into the world.

And next Tuesday, August 21, she’ll be giving a free teleseminar: Kickstart Your Evolutionary Business: 3 Steps To Funding Your Gift To the Shift–and Generating a Good Income For Yourself.

You can find more details and register here: Kickstart Your Evolutionary Business

A single mom, truth-telling lawyer and evolutionary strategist and bestselling author, Alexis Neely is pioneering a new paradigm of business and entrepreneurship. She believes (as I bet you do) that sharing your gifts is essential to your personal and spiritual evolution.

At the same time, her advice and insights are intensely practical. Alexis Neely is a master coach for entrepreneurs or would-be business owners like you.

Here’s what one business owner has said about her experience with Alexis:

“Alexis has this amazing gift as an entrepreneur; she can look at your business and see all the moving parts and then at the same time see how it all relates to the big picture of how you will make money now and in the future. When you are working with her, you know you have tapped pure entrepreneurial brilliance!”

During this call with Alexis, you’ll discover:

3 keys to finding the money you need to get your gift into the world

Ways to invest the money you do have so it grows many times over in impact, influence and “ROI.”

How the investments you make in your gift can benefit future generations

Whether launching or taking your business to the next level is the next step in your own personal evolution.

Practical ways to identify and move through resistance so you can give the gift you know you are here to give to the world–without backing away in search of security and safety.
If you’re a coach, consultants, healers, artists, author, heart-centered business owners or aspiring entrepreneur,

This free one-hour call is your chance to learn from a highly successful entrepreneur and gifted coach.

If you’re really ready to do your “Great Work” in total spiritual alignment and generate funding and income to get it out there in the biggest possible way, don’t miss this hour with Alexis!

Register for the call here: Kickstart Your Evolutionary Business

In spirit,
Stephen Dinan