2015 Highlights: REN21, Making the Connections

Jay Owen Resource Efficiency

ren21aREN21 convenes and manages a multi-stakeholder network. Discover how REN21 and this network work collectively to spur the uptake of renewables globally and regionally.

2,000+ Experts and Counting

The REN21 GSR community continues to grow; over the course of 2015, 350 new individuals became part of REN21’s expert reviewer network, bringing the total to over 2000 by year’s end.
Collectively this network helps the REN21 Secretariat produce its annual Renewables Global Status Report. Known as the GSR, the 2015 report expanded its coverage on energy efficiency and renewables and looked at the use of renewable energy in climate change adaptation.
Network members also provide the data that populates the REN21 Interactive Map. A newly redesigned version offers an improved user experience and allows for for better data collaboration with other data providers both within and outside of the renewable energy community.


The REN21 network is also central to the development of REN21’s regional reports. Networks in Southern Africa and Central and Eastern Europe provided data and a critical review of two, new 2015 reports:

·         SADC Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Report 

·         UNECE Renewable Energy Report

In 2015, Latin America and Caribbean experts formed a regional node to coordinate regional input to the GSR 2016. The aim is to ensure that information and data on the region is timely and accurate.

 SAIREC:  Bringing 82 countries together

Over 3,600 registered delegates from 82 countries gathered for the South Africa International Renewable Energy Conference (SAIREC); the biennial international renewable energy conference. South Africa hosted the 2015 event, working with SANEDI, REN21 and its members to develop the three day conference. Under the theme Re-Energising Africa, SAIREC provided Africa with the opportunity to showcase its nascent yet promising renewable energy industry and discover best practices adopted in other countries at the forefront of renewable energy deployment.

 Strengthening 9 Partnerships

REN21 leverages its work by forming strategic partnerships. REN21’s partnership with each of these nine organisations brings a different area of expertise to the renewable energy debate.  The result is a broad network of experts that expands beyond the traditional renewable energy community.

 Multi-stakeholder Network up by 5

Five new organisations joined REN21. REN21 now has 54 members spanning five stakeholder groups: national governments, international organisations, industry associations, research and academia and NGOs. A diversified network strengthens REN21’s work as we learn from one and another and build on successes, leading to an increased use of renewables.

 RE-Energising the Future: 4 collaborative     events

COP21 was the perfect opportunity to promote the message, “RE-Energising the Future”. REN21 worked with others to demonstrate that renewable energy deployment is the fastest, cleanest, most reliable and more economically beneficial way to meet climate goals. A public, high-level event with business and government leaders showcased current and future renewable energy solutions.

 REN21 is Growing

In January 2015 REN21 expanded its Secretariat. It hired a Renewable Energy Analyst, strengthening REN21’s research capabilities and its work with REN21 contributor community.

 2016: A look to the future

Are you interested in becoming a part of the REN21 network?  In 2016 we will be expanding our work on the Renewables Global Status Report and the Renewables Interactive Map. There will be a new regional report for the East African region as well as a new Global Futures Report on the macro-economics of a 100% renewables future. The second REN21 Renewables Academy will be held second-half of 2016 in Bonn/Germany. Interested? Contact us at: [email protected].  To find out more about REN21, how we work and what we have done, you can look at our website, subscribe to our quarterly newsletter, and follow us on Twitter: @REN21