2012 State of the Future

Ethical Markets Trendspotting

By: Jerome C. Glenn, Theodore J. Gordon, and Elizabeth Florescu

The 2012 State of the Future with access to all of The Millennium Project?s research over the past 16 years is now available in several different modes: Online Download, CD, Flash drive, and Print at http://www.millennium-project.org/millennium/2012SOF.html.  You can purchase the Executive Edition of 120 pages (without the appendix supporting the research and without all of the previous research 10,000 pages) on Kindle from Amazon.

It is produced by the Millennium Project with its 46 Nodes (groups of futurists and organizations) around the world, which collects, feeds back, and assesses insights from creative and knowledgeable people on emerging issues, opportunities, strategic priorities, and actions.

Enclosed CD contains over 10,000 pages of research behind the print edition, as well as The Millennium Project?s 16 years of research, supporting the emergence of a collective intelligence.

This year?s State of the Future also has special chapters on Cooperatives 2030 (Some Factors Impacting the Future of Cooperatives and Business); Hopes and Fears (a Kuwait Perspective);  Changes to Gender Stereotypes; Future of Ontologists; the 2012 State of the Future Index; and an update on the 15 Global Challenges.


Invaluable insights

 Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General, United Nations


A must read for any decisionmaker

 Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico


The 15 Global Challenges in the State of the Future should be read by all leaders

 Eduardo Frei, Former President of Chile


The best introduction to the major global issues and long-term remedies

 Global Foresight Books