1400 organizations celebrate Paris’ 5th Anniversary, declaring “We Are All In!”

Jay Owen Green Prosperity, SRI/ESG News, Transforming Finance

“As an early signer of the WE ARE STILL IN consortium of companies, we at Ethical Markets Media also congratulate our partners at the American Sustainable Business Council and Social Venture Circle, and all our friends who are still in this movement. Now let’s all help in building back better“!

~Hazel Henderson, CEO and Editor in chief,  Ethical Markets “

With tomorrow’s 5th Anniversary of the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement, the American Sustainable Business Council is proud to have participated in gathering the support of more than 1,400 businesses, organizations, investors, state and local governmental entities and other U.S. institutions in calling for a renewal of American participation in an ambitious and equitable global response to the climate crisis.

ASBC was proud to stand with many of these same organizations in opposition to the current administration’s decision several years ago to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. ASBC and those groups created “WE ARE STILL IN,” a coalition with a stated intention to continue as best they could to follow the guidelines in Paris even without federal government support. Now, with the announced intention of the incoming Biden-Harris Administration to immediately rejoin the Paris Agreement, this coalition has become “WE ARE ALL IN.”

This effort is critically important not only to support the Biden-Harris Administration’s stated position in support of Paris, but also to demonstrate the continuing support and demand for action from policy makers at every level to take bold steps to save our planet, steps which will also require new innovation and create new business opportunities and new jobs, becoming a powerful engine for our 21st Century economy.

Our new statement, America is All In Statement, renews our commitment to expanding clean energy and addressing the climate crisis. These signatories came together in just a number of days following the 2020 election to ensure that the new administration and Congress know that businesses and other institutions strongly support U.S. climate Leadership.

We are so proud that so many ASBC member companies and organizations signed on to this statement, and that the responsible business movement has such a strong voice in this critical turning point in addressing the climate crisis. The existential threat to our planet is only growing by the minute; we have no time to waste in finally and fully addressing the crisis head-on.

It will take all of us, rising up and continuously working, to reduce our impacts while calling for broad-based national responses that encourage change, drive innovation, and create the enabling factors for us to protect our communities, supply chains, and future generations from the risks posed by climate change.

View the statement in full here, and if you haven’t already, please join this critical effort by signing here.