12th Green Economics Institute Green Economics Conference 10th -12th June 2017

Jay Owen Beyond GDP

I am delighted to announce this Conference which will address todays burning questions:

Green Finance, Green Investment & Green Economics

Reclaiming The Economy from Privatisers, Fossil Fuellers, Xenophobes and Divide and Rulers.

Keeping social and environmental justice alive in this new age of Barbarism- Post Truth and Post Science

All the conference information can be found in one place

here at this link.

Including bookings forms, registration, tickets initial speaker line up, accomodation, call for papers, themes, streams, subjects, books, how to write in our academic journal, our academic proceedings, how to book a speech or workshop, how to participate and much more besides.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to join our 3 Days to Change the World Conference.

Looking forward to seeing you there