10 Reasons to Care About Economic Inequality

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My name’s Faiza and I’m an Economic Inequality researcher at nef. I’m writing this month’s e-letter because I wanted to share two reports we’ve published about the growing inequality problem we face.

10 Reasons to Care About Economic Inequality
Why the Rich Are Getting Richer

My passion for inequality is born from personal experience. Growing up in East London and then studying at Oxford, the contrast between my home neighbourhood and some of my university friends’ was stark. Understanding and addressing that disparity motivated me throughout my studies.
Economic inequality in the UK is the highest in recorded history. In 1979 we were similar to the Netherlands and now we’re one of the most unequal countries in the developed world.
From the riots in England to the global Occupy protest movement, the growing gap between the rich and poor is becoming harder to ignore. We need to win the argument that tackling inequality is necessary, desirable and possible – please read the reports and share them with your friends.
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The practical politics of well-being
We launched a new pamphlet at this month’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Well-being Economics event, hosted by Sir Gus O’Donnell.

An opportunity to transform services for young people
Our new project to improve services for young people is underway and we’re looking for potential implementation partners.

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