Zero Waste Conf. and climate change dialogue at Davos

Taking Care of Business

by Joel Makower

Things are pretty well buttoned down for next week’s GreenBiz 18 conference — the program, the speakers, the networking events, the big celebration on Wednesday night and all the rest. We’re also pretty excited about the prospect of it being a zero-waste event.

With the unwavering dedication of Ellie Buechner, Sydney Massing-Schaffer and the rest of the GreenBiz events team, we’ve set a challenge of diverting every ounce of conference waste. To do that, we are collaborating with Waste Management, the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and our GreenBiz 18 exhibitors.

Last year, at GreenBiz 17, we diverted 97.3% of our waste from landfills, composting 65.2%, recycling 24.5%, donating 7.4% and reusing 0.2%. This year, we aim to do even better.

Here’s a short video on what we’re up to and how conference attendees can help.

Intelligent Streetlights: On Tuesday, January 30, my colleague Heather Clancy will host a one-hour podcast on how cities and utilities worldwide are investing in smart-city technologies — including some of the challenges of doing so and how to overcome them. It’s a terrific panel, so I hope you can join in. To do so, register here.

Weather report: Here’s the 10-day forecast for Phoenix, Arizona, including during our conference dates, February 6–8. Not a drop in sight. Just saying.

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