WRI Digest: Thirsty Power Plants

WRI Digest Thirsty Power Plants

Power plants use a lot of water for cooling, but most don’t disclose how much. A new WRI methodology blows their cover using Google Earth. Learn more.

Thermal power plant. Photo by Beroesz/Wikimedia Commons

Indonesia’s EU Timber Exports 

Indonesia’s timber exports to Europe soared last year to more than a billion dollars. All that wood was supposed to be legal but new investigations show that “timber laundering” – mixing legal and illegal timber – is widespread. Learn more.

2017’s Record-Breaking Climate Events 

Across the world, extreme weather, fires and floods hammered communities and smashed records, while scientists gained new insights into the links to rising global temperatures. Kelly Levin recaps 2017. Learn more.

Livestream: Stories to Watch 2018 

Watch WRI President and CEO Andrew Steer share his insights on 2018’s big stories in sustainable development on Wednesday, January 10, 9:00-10:30 EST. Watch here.