WRI Digest: Environmental Justice for Women | Water Stress & Conflict

WRI Digest

Colombia’s Climate Finance Tracking System Registers $6 Billion Worth of Action

Colombia’s new online platform for tracking climate finance has registered $6 billion worth of climate change actions. WRI experts who helped launch the system offer three lessons for similar efforts in other developing countries. Learn more.

Bogota, Colombia

Bogota, Colombia. Photo by Pedro Szekely/Flickr

Riau, Indonesia

In Riau, Indonesia, Women Organize for Environmental Justice 

Knowledge is power for the women of Sungai Berbari, Indonesia. With forest data from the Global Forest Watch platform and advocacy training from Women Research Institute, they are influencing where and how nearby agricultural companies operate. Learn more.

Dried mud cracks

Water Stress, Conflict, Migration 

Water stress has forced millions off their land in Africa and contributed to a civil war in Syria. In a new commentary, WRI Aqueduct Director Charles Iceland shows how water woes are driving conflict and migration—and points the way to practical solutions. Learn more.