World Day for Indigenous Peoples – 2018

On the occasion of International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples 2018, IPS Inter Press Service issued special reports bringing together news and views from across the world. World Day for Indigenous Peoples
IPS World Desk

370 million self-identified indigenous peoples are spread across the world, but continue to face discrimination and marginalization. Dispossessed of their lands, territories and ancestral resources, these people have increasingly been forced to give up their way of life, and have been pushed … MORE > >

How the Yanadi, an Oppressed Indigenous People in India, are Reclaiming Their Rights One Village At a Time
Stella Paul

Under the blazing midday sun, a tractor moves slowly along a dirt trail in Nacharwari Pallem, a village of the Yanadi indigenous people located some three hours from Chennai city in South India. Atop the tractor, women of the village – 36 in all – sit expectantly, ignoring the heat. Squeals of … MORE > >

Farmer-Herder Conflicts on the Rise in Africa
Juliana Nnoko-Mewanu

Violent clashes between farmers and herders in Nigeria’s Middle Belt in June reminded me of a smelting hot afternoon a year ago. I was sitting in my living room watching a herder grazing his cows in my yard in the small town in southwestern Cameroon where I live. My thoughts meandered from … MORE > >

Helping Indigenous Peoples Live Equal Lives
Emily Thampoe

Although indigenous peoples are being increasingly recognised by both rights activists and governmental organisations, they are still being neglected in legal documents and declarations. Indigenous peoples are only mentioned in two of the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and … MORE > >

Protecting the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as They are Forced to Move into Cities
Sopho Kharazi

On Aug. 9 the observance of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples will take place in the Economic and Social Council Chamber at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, bringing together U.N. agencies and member states, civil society and indigenous peoples’ … MORE > >

States Must Act Now to Protect Indigenous Peoples During Migration
UN experts* on Indigenous Peoples

States around the world must take effective action to guarantee the human rights of indigenous peoples, says a group of UN experts. In a joint statement marking International day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, the experts say it is crucial that the rights of indigenous peoples are realised when … MORE > >