Why should the Regenerative Earth Summit Matter to Your Company?

What’s Regenerative Food and Farming

Got to do with my Business?

What’s the big deal? Why should my company care about regenerative food and farming, you may be asking? Bottom line – it is neccesary. Regenerative practices have huge implications for food nutrient density through improved soil health and has the potential to mitigate the effects of climate change by carbon draw down.

“This is going to be an insane awesome conference. The people there are many of the leaders of one of the most important movements in food. If you can be in Boulder for this, you should go or send someone to rep your company”, John Foraker, CEO, Once Upon a Farm.

As a food entrepreneur, it means impacts on sourcing, market differentiation and doing your part as a business to protect life on earth, which plays big with millennials. Plus it is a beacon of hope when the world is on fire, ravaged by epic storms, devastating drought, food insecurity and upheaval.

Register today, be part of the leadership growing a regenerative future!

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