Why Net Neutrality Matters for Business

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Join ASBC, businesses and leading policy experts to learn why net neutrality protections need to be restored to protect an innovative, open, and competitive internet.

Last December, the FCC dismantled net neutrality protections for businesses and consumers. The rules prevented internet service providers from blocking certain content, throttling speeds, and prioritizing access to consumers to businesses willing to pay higher fees.

Did you know that a majority of small businesses (56%) oppose the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality and nearly 4 in 10 strongly oppose it? Hear more about this new polling from our partner Small Business Majority.

Business leaders must work together to urge Congress to restore these protections as quickly as possible.

Presenters Include:
• Ryan Rabac, ASBC
• Ilyssa Meyer, Etsy
• Phillip Berenbroick, Public Knowledge
• Evan Engstrom, Engine

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