What will Your Impact Be? How Biomimicry is Driving Meaningful Change

“Ethical Markets is proud to partner with Biomimicry3.8 and our Principles of Ethical Biomimicry Finance ® a turnkey knowledge system for asset allocators and ethical, impact investors.

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“


We’re celebrating impacts this month, whether it’s the positive change our Certified Biomimicry Professionals are driving at their organizations or the awesome initiatives being led by our sister organization, the Biomimicry Institute. All the great work proves nature has an incredible amount to teach us about living well on Earth.

Part of our celebration includes offering a free, downloadable 2018 calendar that outlines 3.8 billion years of Earth’s evolutionary milestones in 12 months. We’re also donating 50% of all Introduction to Biomimicry Foundational Course proceeds through March 2018 to the Biomimicry Institute.
Feature image courtesy of Michelle Fehler