What kind of world do you want to wake up to 30 years from now?

“Ethical Markets is pleased to showcase the innovative work of the Biomimicry Institute, helping corporations, cities and academia to learn from Natures preeminent designs, so as to help them achieve sustainability in their, programs, processes and products.

We are honored to have founder Janine Benyus on our illustrious global Advisory Board, as I am to be an investor in her consulting company, B.3.8.        ~Hazel Henderson, Editor “

What kind of world do you want to wake up to 30 years from now?

The Biomimicry Institute aspires to a world where what we make is inspired by, and connected to, the natural world. This means cities are resilient, emission targets are achieved, and industrial processes create healthy air, water, and soil. It also means all species are thriving because our human designs restore the planet as nature’s designs do.

For the Biomimicry Institute, this comes down to one major goal: developing a new generation of innovators, both current and future.

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To support the future of nature-inspired design, the Biomimicry Institute is working in two areas: education and entrepreneurship.

Through our Biomimicry Design Challenges, we’re providing middle school, high school, and university students with project-based opportunities to learn and apply biomimicry. This ensures that as future generations become engineers, architects, designers, CEOs, educators, and city planners, they know exactly how to ask nature for design ideas and implement them in their work. Through our Biomimicry Launchpad, we are helping to develop biomimicry entrepreneurs and supporting them as they make their nature-inspired solutions ready for market.

When you support the Biomimicry Institute, you are putting a down payment on this future. You not only make it possible for present-day biomimicry innovators to bring their designs to market, but your support also ensures that there will be thousands of next-generation innovators learning about biomimicry so their world isn’t just different, it’s better.

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