WEForum:”Farmers Can fight Climate Change and Boost Productivity”

“Ethical Markets highly recommends this article from WEForum “Farmers Can Fight Climate Change and Boost Productivity”, another commonsense way of returning ambient CO2 to the soil where it belongs!  Several US presidential candidates have picked up on this way of reimbursing farmers for proper soil management.

A no-brainer, along with planting trees, hemp, and expanding our food system from its perilous reliance on the planet’s dwindling fresh water by incorporating more salt-loving food plants (halophytes, e.g. quinoa, China’s salt-tolerant rice, Salicornia) and many other nutritious foods which thrive on saltwater on the planet’s unused 40% of scrubland and deserts in 22 countries, without fertilizers or pesticides!

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~Dr. Hazel Henderson, Editor”

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Put the carbon back. Farmers can fight climate change and boost productivity.

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