We need data to drive equality

The need for transparency and disclosure is more critical now than ever before. At JUST Capital, we believe that, with the right data and information, people, companies, and markets will do the right thing. Yet, in 2017, just 78 companies of the 875 we evaluated conducted pay equity analyses, and only 54 have established a policy, as well as targets, for equal opportunity. From our Equal Pay analysis to our Rankings on Corporate Tax Reform, we are working to create a more just – and transparent – marketplace, that better serves the needs of all Americans. We hope you’ll join us in advocating for greater data disclosure around the issues that matter most.

-Alison Omens, Managing Director of Programs and Strategic Engagement


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Of the 875 companies that JUST Capital ranks, only 6 have taken major strides to create more inclusive workplaces and leadership opportunities for women. See the leaders here >TAX REFORM ROUNDUPAs we enter Q2, JUST Capital continues to update our Rankings on Corporate Tax Reform, which track and analyze how corporate tax savings are being distributed, according to the priorities of the American people. To date, 133 companies have announced their intentions, representing $55 billion, or roughly one-third of the estimated windfall going to the largest 875 publicly-traded U.S. companies this year. The aggregate distributions have not budged much since the launch on 2/28:

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