We Mean Business March 2017 Newsletter

  The business imperative for shifting to clean, renewable energy solutions is clear. Moving quickly in this direction, in an economically sustainable manner, is both pro-growth and pro-jobs.”  Andrew Liveris, Chairman & CEO, The Dow Chemical Group

Welcome to the We Mean Business March newsletter. In this edition we take a look at the growing business risks facing the fossil fuel industry and consider how investors, consumers, and markets are increasingly demanding action on climate.

We also hear from CO2 Sciences who are looking to make a multi-billion dollar market from products utilizing captured carbon and take an in-depth look at the benefits of committing to doubling energy productivity.

Plus, CEO Nigel Topping highlights two critical factors showing the transition to a low-carbon economy remains inevitable, despite the regrettable Executive Order from the White House weakening US climate policy.

Statement from We Mean Business on US Administration Energy Independence Executive Order

The We Mean Business coalition regrets the Executive Order from the White House weakening US climate policy and, in the process, undermining support for a clean energy agenda that is pro-growth, pro-business and pro-jobs.