Water for life

“Ethical Markets welcomes this video on World Water Day, which covers re-cycling issues for the 3% of freshwater on this planet on which our global food supply relies.

We hope ESA will now also  make another video on the other 97% of our planet’s water that is salty and how the other half of the plant kingdom: salt-loving food plants (e.g. quinoa) can expand the human food system and save precious freshwater for more humans and use much less  freshwater for agriculture. (see “Investing in Saltwater Agriculture: The Next Big Thing” with NASA Chief Scientist Bushnell  at www.ethicalmarkets.com.

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“

21-03-2019 03:31 PM CET


UN SDG6 targets ‘Water for all by 2030’. For World Water Day we take a look at ways that space can help this global challenge.