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After his partner Tom Lone and family are killed apparently by the infamous and elusive assassin Rogue, FBI agent Jack Crawford becomes obsessed with revenge as his world unravels into a vortex of guilt and betrayal. Rogue eventually resurfaces to settle a score of his own, setting off a bloody crime war between Asian mob rivals Chang of the Triad's and Yakuza boss Shiro. When Jack and Rogue finally come face to face, the ultimate truth of their pasts will be revealed.

Stars: Jet Li, Jason Statham, John Lone, Devon Aoki, Luis Guzmán.

Directed by Philip G. Atwell.

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War title=

War movie.

Statham is often entertaining. Yet another factor is how misusedJet Li is, he only has 1 fight in the entire movie. And there is the worst twist that ever appeared in a movie. It has cool characters who are enigmatic or moody, and who wear leather jackets and chew on matches.

I say if you're wanting akick arse movie, look no further. But the twist, which mostly likely nobody will see coming when it hits, but careful viewers will possibly notice some odd stuff at some point.

If you cant contain your self to rent this (like myself), prepare to be disappointed. Theyare supposed to be mindless, plot much less explosions and rubbish dialogue,action, but this film was neither. But here, "War film" takes itself so seriously that it rapidly becomes extremely annoying and boring. It has an intriguing story line and awesome twist at the end that I in no way saw coming. Jason Stratham should be ashamed of howunconvincing all his yelling in individuals's faces was. The second twist in t he movie was so unnecessary and stupid. War high quality. Very first, because these guys are known for martial arts skills, there required to be more situations that could not be logically handled with guns. Naturally they go in. It is that last bit that puts this film above your usual by-the-numbersmovie of this kind. There isa great ensemble cast to support Li and Statham including LuisGuzman, Terry Chen, Mathew St. The accurate plot twist wascrammed in the course of the last 10 minutes of the movie and was rushed tofruition.

Quotbuy War" is a well doneshowcase of gun play, fight scenes, gang buy Wars, and some sexy T & A. Statham and Li just shouldn't work together anymore. I was so seeking forward to this movie since I like Stratham and really like Li.

So we have a cocktail of different people from distinct backgroundsand ethnicities. Jet Li kicks ass, Jason Statham power punches, but the rest ofthe action people are just canon fodder, while the filming is mediocreat best. Where to watch War full film. I personally believe storyline wise buy War movie is a excellent movie, the only thing that kills it is the simple truth that it wasn't that numerous fighting scenes between them. The volatile mixture becomes the solid fuel which launches this film referred to as " War download.

Conversely Li has gone overboard on his "cool detached killer"character and at times appears to be either asleep or thinking abouthow lengthy it would take him to spend all the cash he has. Nice violent effects. High quality War movie. Only factor missing was the usual Jason Stratom shirtless scene. But still there should have had been more fight scenes between these two actors, Li, & Statham & the ending will shock everybody. Download the War! I did like twist at the end, I was not expecting it.

The move itself was worth watching. Violence: Yes Sex:No Nudity: Yes, not much Language: Yes. I suggest the movie. War online. If you're a lover of movies likethese, then you'll certainly take pleasure in War full movie, since it is an exciting andfun time from begin to finish. Statham brings his usual intensity and charisma to the proceedings and has very a nifty sequence in a tea house where he can show his stuff, the quickly reflexes and strategies of subduing / removing those who attempt to kill him. The acting was laughable too. War movies.

Also, no really exciting unique effects, so might as nicely wait for the DVD. Also, this movieforces you to recognize that Jet Li is merely not a especially goodactor. Thewhole film feels so routine, there's the regular FBI partners, 1 iskilled & the other seeks revenge while his marriage & family lifesuffer. War filme online! The ending was so unexpected. Jason Statham truly doesn't show off any of the abilities he's showed off in the Transporter movies or Crank, he's actually very inactive for the majority of the movie. Sherman, Sung Kang as Goi,Mathew St. War HD included them all somewhat, and there's only 1 comment I want to say following all- Every little thing IS TERRIBLE. He still do modern day movie. The simple story of revenge is nothing new, and the source of what theYakuza and Triads are fighting over. From begin to finish, it is hard to know who is winning as both sides appear to be decimating every other with merciless frequency. Yes, there are automobile chases. War in HD is 1 of those martial art films you see on TV 1 weeknight anddecided to watch not for simply because it is a piece of film history but justpurely for the sake of entertainment. He gets no dialog to even attempt and get by means of and on leading of that they took away the one reason individuals want to see him and that's his martial arts. It is extremely easy to tell when Jason Statham is having enjoyable in a movie. In reality, my apathy was almost palpable all via the maddeninglypredictable plot, a feeling confirmed by the even more maddeningcop-out ending. What a excellent plot and a fantastic duo for this movie. Watch War online dvdrip. One factor about the Bourne films I liked so significantly was the fact that unique effects took a back seat to plot. Close your eyes or you might end of seeing your popcorn𔅾x. I say if you're wanting akick arse movie, look no further. That was fairly significantly it. The fight choreography on display here is not a patch on his Wushu epics or even distant crossover outings like 'Lethal Weapon 4'. I thought it was a good create story of game that jet liplayed with the jakuza and triades and jason statham's character whoseeks revenge of the death of his partner. Simply Jet Li's worst westernized movie. But know jason jumped for the shot right after telling he was responsible and jet li stepping into his vehicle and drives away, end of the movie. Not that produced a difference to the film. I'm a massive fan of Jet Li, Jason Statham, Corey Yuen (fight choreographer), and B style action movies. Download dvd movie War? They also wear sunglasses and have heavy stubble. Film downloads. You don't appear to care about any of the characters, some lines you can predict yourself and most of all the action was mediocre at finest. Best part of movie was the end credits. This plot premise is acquiring a littlebit tiring for me. Full War film hd. Also, this movieforces you to understand that Jet Li is simply not a particularly goodactor. Points get pretty intriguing in the second act, with Rogue the assassin making use of Yojimbo-style tactics against both sides of a War download between to large crime syndicates. It's here that I ask 'would it have been better if it had been Crawford's family that had died during the point of attack. War movie online streaming. Cinematography was excellent and overall theentire look of the movie was vivid and colourful. Watch War online.

Basically there are a lot of Asian guys killing every other, with Jet Li offering ample assistance, while Jason Statham is usually one step behind.

It was actually cool and with goodaction and superb performances too. Descargar War dvd full. A truly good movie, with great action all through the movie, except the climax fight and ending. I didn't even know it was a 'twist' until I read other individuals's reviews. Nicely, right after I saw this movie last night, it kinda disappoint me. It is high paced and delivers scene afteraction packed scene. I watched the movie with great expectations by having two great actionheroes but they have not fulfilled the expectations. Yes this the best two star when it come to action. Oh, and the massive buildupbetween Jason Stathom and Jet Li. Certain he gets a kick here or there and spends a lot of time killing from the shadows but there is no display of his acrobatic talents and undoubtedly no reason to show any acting skill. But the twist, which mostly likely nobody will see coming when it hits, but careful viewers will most likely notice some odd stuff at some point. Download War movie presents something rare as gold in 'action thriller' kind movies: Afairly complex, in-depth plot that is excellent sufficient to maintain youinterested all through the whole movie. I was bored out of my brain, and if it wasn't for the action, Iprobably would have fallen asleep. I would have liked much more martial arts. If you want to look at Jet Li's kung-fu, you will be disappointed. A two thumbs WAY down. This leads up to Jack lastly being able to force a showdownwith Rogue to satisfy his thirst for revenge. The movie was difficult to follow, difficult to understand some of the dialogue. As if it is there just so we can really feel the whiplash of that rugpulled out from under us), I should say I enjoyed War download for it's plethoraof violence and chaos. The action has little to no martial arts so Jet Li didn't require to be inthe movie at all. Statham is always entertaining. The movie is filled with action form beginning to end with a excellent story line with a twist. Hd dvd War online! Most films of this genre have easy plots and stories that are predictable and only serve for awesome action.

They couldn't possibly suck, could they. Cool action scenes and a cool plot twist in the last five minutes of the movie. Watch War online good quality. A small underrated to me. All of those movies had been dull, severely lacking in entertainment that only had 2 or three scenes worth watching. If you watch Infernal Affairs(precursor to Scorsese's Oscar winning The Departed), or any othergrey-marketplace DVD you can get your hands on you'll see where War full movie gets itsinfluence. In reality, I waited until right after all the closing credits hoping for some satisfactory closure to the movie. But why does the fact that this is a medium-budget action thriller automatically preclude it from being a decent film. All is well until the last few moments, in which the plot is explained in a Very uncomfortable and honestly, downright insulting series of twists. Add to all this that there had been just too numerous scenes that had been too dark to be able to follow anything (think that was the idea), and the dialogue was completely devoid of humor, which could have helped a lot. This movie I just have to comment on, merely because it left me with such mixed feelings. It's not great but it's good. In other words: know what you're going to get here.

Jet did say fearless is his last movie but he also stated he will star in other movie if the script is worth/ interest him so basically he still doin movie only for if the srcipt of the movie he in is great or watever.

I thought for certain this film would obliterate the box office and it barely made a ripple and then I saw it and totally understood. Poor guydoes some thing to anger excellent guy, great guy kicks poor guys ankles intohis teeth for it following destroying his useless and expendable henchmen. I have nothing else to sayabout it since it was fairly much forgettable at the initial scenethrough the end. You hire the greatest movie fighterever and 1 of the greatest fight choreographers but you do not allowthem to show what they can do. I was expecting an all out martial arts fest but was sorely dissapointed to watch them both battle their ways by means of the movie with sheer gunpower. So the great guy is a coWar in HDd and the bad guy is actually a wannabe of The Punisher who got plastic surgery to look like the guy who ruined his life and in a way is the actual great guy of the story. There was significantly needless screen time in the movie, giving it the 1hr and 39 mins. Howvever, pitted against every other, I was frustrated as to which one was the champion. War movie to watch You would think a film with a title as easy as this could be employed forsomething a lot more substantial, i. THIS IS A MOVIE ABOUT KILLING AND ACTION. I think there could haveactually been a small a lot more of the martial arts and special effects, itis like Corey Yuen is taking a sabbatical leave in the middle of thefilm and leave the scene to the director, but the plot was still goodenough to hold your attention throughout.

Which will bediscovered in 1 hell of a twist that is the really definition ofbetrayal), Rogue is working both sides, the Yakuza and Triads againsteach other and Crawford(Statham), along with his team, watch it unfold,soon getting in on the action themselves. If you like fight scenes go for it, but if you're seeking for dramatic suspense and plot development - wait to rent it or see something else. Where to download War the film. The acting is all proper and the direction is OK. I grew up around the area where this takes location and even though the "Tong War high qualitys" are a little overstated THEY ARE Real. It isloud, gory, and boring - until the final couple of minutes when the storyactually gains a plot. FBI Agent Jack Crawford (Statham) has been obsessed with locating the seemingly invincible hit-man recognized only as Rogue (Li) after he killed his partner. Essentially FBI agent Jack Crawford (Jason Statham) is obsessed with locating Asian assassin Rogue (Jet Li), following he killed his partner, wife Jenny (Andrea Roth) and children. I like some good old hand to hand combat. But here, "buy War" takes itself so seriously that it rapidly becomes very annoying and boring. Alright, thebiggest problem with "War ipod" is that the filmmakers appear to haveforgotten that they had been making a movie with Jason Statham and Jet Liand tried to make a actual movie. War 1080!

Quot Do yourself a favor, do not see this movie. Oh, yes, nearly forgot: the use of sub-titles were too tiny, manytimes too long, and many times their color blended in with the samecolor in the background. War movie in high quality. What's also annoying is the action scenes, a lot appear hard to watch,too kinetic, and this is from a guy who didn't mind the action scenesin Transformers. It was following all an action movie. We like action movies. Doctor Jack Crawford lacks any type of character definition or motivation and the titular Kira is portrayed an insufferable hag, incapable of inducing even the slightest bit of empathy in the viewer.

But it doesn't work, instead it is just a speed break to movie. Watch the complete War film. Not toocommon in that organization. With a supposed spending budget of about $25,000,000 this looks alright but it's absolutely nothing special, though set in San Francisco this was filmed in Vancouver in Canada. This movie had me out of my seat for the most part. I did like the film and every person acted nicely sufficient (save for Andrea Roth who got stuck with most of the a lot more inane dialog, which is a shame as significantly as she's insufferable in this movie, I quite enjoy her in "Rescue Me") All in all entertaining, but highly forgettable action movie fluff. In the case of 'War film', our guide and hero is a cavalier cop played byJason Statham – an actor whose continuing fame is in itself an enigmasurpassed only by that of Keanu Reeve's career. I can't think of yet another explanation for such a messed-up ending but that there wasn't left any film for shooting the final scene. Hi-def quality War! After the first Transporter, some individuals was saying he was new Van Damme.

It just wasn't what I thought it would be it was so a lot less. They got two of my favorite actors in the exact same movie and botched it difficult. Besides the reality thatshe is a extremely poor actor, she easily cows high ranking members of theYakuza clan regardless of no individual bodyguard. Instead, they're just divorced all of a sudden. Stop saying that this is a man's movie. Other than that itwas far from entertaining and beyond boring. Watch the entire film of War. Jason Statham is a FBI agent heading a task force whose operation iscentered on an assassin named Rogue(Jet Li)and the violent outbreakbetween Yakuza & The Triads. A twist ending can also be fairly routine, but there are two turns here. Greatest movie ever created. Yes this the greatest two star when it come to action. I will not tell you what is this twist because Ido not want to spoil it but you ought to be buy War moviened. So it is not just Crwaford trying to catch Rogue that is the "War download, butthis 1 that is supposed to be a bit bigger, I will be honest, I wasonly paying attention to the two stars returning right after The 1, oh, andthis time, the excellent guy doesn't win. The action scenes are well put together and recall the time prior to gratuitous wire stunts and MTV-brand "shakey-cam". Trust me on this one, you should steer clear of "War in HD" at all cost. There wereflashy cars, nice outfits, good cinematography. Hence Mickey Rourke in 'Year of the Dragon' or MichaelDouglass in 'Black Rain'. War movie on dvd.

Diffinitely so in my book. Buy War film on dvd. But it in no way was a War movie between Statham and Li theychase every other via the movie and fight once at the end for like30 seconds. It has an interesting story line and awesome twist at the end that I by no means saw coming. Website to watch War the film. Well i wasn't very sure what to expect from this 1,, except a lot of action,, which there was , so i was not disappointed on that 1,, but come on how numerous plot twists can the average viewer endure,, this one had so darn numerous i think 4 altogether, it was very tough to watch,, i kept sitting there watching it thinking okay no i get it,, then bam,, hit me over the head with another plot twist,, have to watch it some other time so possibly i can actually get it,, the action was great,, Statham's acting OK,,, good watching Jet Li do battle,, by no means was a lot of a Jet Li fan, but i kinda like em,, and might have to go back into the archives and watch a few of his movies. I watched War to see how far B-grade action movies have come since Igenerally stopped watching them about 10 years ago. War in dvd. Hell, weeven get to see Li in a sword fight with Ishibashi. Also recognized as Rogue Assassin in some countries this was directed by Philip G. Hence Mickey Rourke in 'Year of the Dragon' or MichaelDouglass in 'Black Rain'. Crawford chases the killer while the mobsters killeach other. Martail arts choreography was weak. What about that awful plot. 2 of the most talented martial arts fighters of our times and the fight scene lasted 2 minutes. Download War film. Seems to be where he does his finest function really.

They are also wonderfulwonderful action star, and the outwatch War moviedly coolness turn them into lethalkilling machine. The same could be said for Jason Statham who is wasted on this role as a cop determined to bring Rogue to justice for murdering his partner. Overall, their partnerhsip had me at War blu-ray with my loyalty to each star, and I would rather have had them fight as a team against all odds and lat peace with each and every other. Not too common in that organization.

This starts off as a perfectly routine action flick in the revenge category. The script was most likely writtenby a 12 year old, who just saw lethal weapon 4 and all Rush hour movieson the same day.

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