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The Tourist

Elise (Angelina Jolie) sits next to an American tourist, Frank (Johnny Depp), on a train going to Venice. She has chosen him as a decoy, making believe that he is her lover who is wanted by police. Not only will they need to evade the police, but also the mobster whose money her lover stole.

Stars: Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Paul Bettany, Timothy Dalton, Steven Berkoff.

Directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck.

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D climax took me unawares. Anthony Zimmer" is much better. She also seemed to be emotionally lacking all through the story, especially in the final few scenes when so much was at stake. The only character worth mentioning in the movie was Reginald Shaw (played by Steven Berkoff) the character was alive, not just a puppet with it's strings cut. Positive, he's got game, but not really for a thriller. Ha has spentone million dollars having his own face restructured somewhere inBrazil, or Latin America, and she does not know what he looks like anymore. At last the movie wasOK but they could've finish it far better. Watch The Tourist online.

It's just another blockbusterreleased in our cinemas. She puts on her fancy clothes walks down onto the streets of Paris and towards the her standard morning Caf and of course she is becoming stalked by guys in a white unmarked van. TheTourist' is a remake of that film, with the director of 'The Lives OfOthers', the screenwriter of 'The Usual Suspects', and thecinematographer of 'The English Patient'.

I guess it was partly since of my sleepy nature that Ididn't find myself entertained at specific locations or even obtaining whatwas going on but by the end, I knew enough that I was a littlepleasantly surprised at the plot, even though the premise probablydidn't make a lick of sense even thinking back about the whole factor. The Tourist direct download Venice is oneof the most photogenic city's you'll ever see. Too small action, too small comedy, too little excitement. I did not go to gather intellectual elitist grist for my individual mill of criticism. Ha has spent one million dollars having his own face restructured somewhere in Brazil, or Latin America, and she does not know what he looks like any a lot more. Not surprisingly, the filmmakers try to be cleverwith a surprise ending that may pull the rug out from under someaudiences while others may scoff at this sloppy trick. The most stunning factor is the impressive location, a postcard scenery of Venice. It is some thing incredible watch to Depp and Jolie together in a movie, but i been expecting much more. Beautiful settings, be. The ordinary guy that she chooses on the train is Frank Tupelo (Depp), a math teacher from the states, who looks about as un-ordinary as one man could get. Indeed I had seen the exact same story, but in a far much better film, which I loved, Anthony Zimmer, with superb French actors, in specific Sophie Marceau -Yvan Attal also is great-, of which I have the DVD and have watched it numerous times because its release in 2005 -I loved the plot, the actors of Anthony Zimmer. The Tourist divx online! A extremely very ordinary plot for the EXTRAordinary lead pair. The actors seemed lost the whole time and the way the director portrayed the script was terrible and in a way that made me hate the plot. The way his character was written doesnot make me think Johnny Depp. Angelina Jolie is stunningly stunning in every scene. Online watching The Tourist movies Is nice, except it has the exact same story as anthony zimmer. I am sorry for angie and depp. Sadly this adventure into colour soon becomes a welcome distraction tothe blandness of the primary characters, played by Johnny Depp andAngelina Jolie's lips. Without a layer of makeup and his regular setof eccentricities, the actor flounders in an oddly blank-faced mannerthat makes Elise's attraction to Frank all the more puzzling despitehis blind acts of puppy-dog devotion. At theend of the scene Frank comes to the edge of the hotel roof and is stuckbetween the agents and then drops down to a marketplace scene full ofpedestrians. A romantic stomp by means of the underworld of international crime. The Tourist movie online watch. The story here entails two former lovers who only believe that they know 1 yet another, and though they're not truly specific, they decide to get to know each other anyway. I so love Johnny Depp, and he did not disappoint. Even my mom spoiled the story prior to we watched. Film download. Soon Elise and Frank are on the run from a bunch of various groups of people attempting to catch Frank a. Thanks to a lot of negative reviews, my hopes on enjoying this movie had been pretty slim. If anything, go towatch Jolie. Downloadable The Tourist movie. Iwouldn't have nominated it as Best Movie in the Golden Globes, but itisn't terrible either. Watch The Tourist dvd rip. Typical Johnny depp movie. Shaw has little patience for their ineptitude.

. The Tourist movie release date.

I was mostly unimpressed.

She should get an award for holding her breath in strangley staged positions and leading with her lips and huge eyes. ;It's *" Actually the cat just left as well. I wish someone had told me that Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck was the director for The tourist before I watched it, it would have explained so much. In my opinion, I see all three characters in Frank, minus Willy Wonka.

In spite of the stellar cast the two stars don't appear to connect with their characters, maybe also thanks to the amateurish script, which is so full with implausibility and impracticalities. ;You're ravenous. watch The Tourist movie, whether or not it aimed to be so funny, succeeds in being a top-notch parody of traditional thrillers.

Think the Depp character was too nerdy to attract the gorgeous Jolie's attention. Well, I love Johnny Depps movies. Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, just go wherever the contrivances of an underwritten screenplay take them. Watch The Tourist movies. And that's ultimately where The Tourist dvd fails. This film The Tourist movie online could have been a pleasant half-thriller half-comedy on DVD for a cold Sunday morning in bed, with an eye on the newspaper, at the same time, breakfast on the way, a lazy mind and the will not to get worked up, with an actor whom I like a lot, Johnny Deep, and an actress pleasant to look at -even if seldom a great actress, Angelina Jolie-, when. Do yourself a favour, instead of paying £2. Angelina and Johnny were both good, as was Paul Bettany as the Scotland Yard inspector, you could just feel his frustration. The other reason they are put in the film is that each actor brings a different atmosphere to the film and the film maker hopes and believes that old saying, "opposites attract" and will lead to a great movie. Perhaps, remake of THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR (1999) doubled but withoutthe involved sustained interplay and action is the basis on which tocompare The Tourist download. Very pretty European vibe in a movie. The Tourist The simplest way to spot a tourist is to look for anyone who actually cares where your national parks, museums and historical forts are. Jolie and Depp, indeed created a well- balanced partnership regardless of their off-screen personalities. The Tourist movie cinema. There was also some really funny bits in this move :) If you're not sure if you wanna watch it or not, I definitely recommend you to go and check it out ;) Have fun ;) - Timmu. She drags him into a world-wind of an adventure and in the mistof it all, finds himself falling for her. A lot has been said about how insipid this film turned out to be, evenwith the appeal of two of Hollywood's A-listers in Johnny Depp andAngelina Jolie failing to lift this film from mediocrity. This movie wont blow your socks off, but its a decent watch. Download The Tourist high quality. Even with two of Hollywood's biggest stars, shot in a beautiful city with lavish sets and dazzling jewellery, "The Tourist blu-ray" is a disappointment. Download the movie The Tourist. The movie was awesome. She hasthat feisty look which really helps her in her performances. The Tourist film download full film? I could have jus stared at my wall instead of watching download The Tourist. Mrs Jolie , in spite of all her lips is very clearly not the quality of actress of Sophie Marceau. This is not an action movie, comedy, or even hardly romantic for that matter. Johnny Depp has no charm like he usuaully does, i found him bland and his costar looks like a grandma. Download film! This is not a serious movie as the trailer might suggust. Is it aaction movie, love story or is it a crime film. This will split the audience, some people will say that this is Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck trying to add class to a classless world, however others will just say it's boring and needs to move faster, unfortunately this is the world we live in, where explosions are more wanted than class.

Her moves agitate her surroundings, that how she's placed, as astar, in this story. The Tourist movie! I rated it 5 out of 10 because of the 2 stars and I expect the DVD will probably do OK with the ladies choice at the video store. The Director of thiz movie is FlorianHenckel von Donnersmarck. If you want to waste some time on a lazy afternoon or have to watch filler with the family, this will suffice. Unfortunately, the shots that The Tourist download in this thriller takes are not of the camera variety. Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp make a great looking couple in German director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck's crime thriller "The Tourist movie," an elegant but anemic homage to Alfred Hitchcock movies about strangers who meet on a train and fall in love.

The most fascinating but least observed character is another Englishman (Rufus Sewell of ⋚rk City") who skulks at the periphery. So significantly so that it created the whole movie not worth seeing. Thriller excelente con muy buenas actuaciones, donde Johnny Depp es un turista america que conoce a. The movie has some good action scenesand is entertaining most of the time. The setting is overall very stunning, colorful and rich, all the locations and the entire atmosphere. Also, the movie was truly predictable, I was disappointed in Depp I mean Jolie has created bad movie choices in the past but you anticipate much better from Depp. She is a wonderful actress, but that character became so study in one attitude that it was truly just increasingly dull as the movie went on.

This is a great film i dont comprehend why people are having a problem with it. I admire him for doing some thing various, but he's finest when he's performing Jack Sparrow or doing something bizzare with Mr.

When I was in theaters watching, I couldn't aid but laugh out loud at plot points. Watch only if you have nothing far better to do on a rainy afternoon andwant to kill some time. Most likely great for teens and up. It appears the onlyreason this movie was produced was to give an anorexic Jolie a. Watch The Tourist full movie high quality. The picture was excellend the casting extremely great the plot super we actually enjoy the movie great performances. It is not as poor as individuals say, there were plenty of laughs in thecinema. It was a twister/thriller/shocker.

Shaw is the toughest character in "The Tourist online" and the least likable. Watch the new The Tourist movie. Oh yes, plot twists, but we know that already, don't we. Comparing AngelinaJolie to Sophie Marceau (who plays the main part in the original) isunfair since these two simply do not play in the exact same league. This won't be a highlight in their careers. XA0 The European settings, locations, costumes and look are simply glossy, luxurious and glamorous. A much better edit and camera work would have produced a huge difference in the overall presentation. Give us much more credit than that. There is an air of detachment about this film. When I was in theaters watching, I couldn't assist but laugh out loud at plot points. Jolie is a mysterious ladies becoming followed around stunning Venice. Being a large Johnny Depp fan,I admit I was nervous about this movie. It's a lot more a light drama - and a very enjoyable one at that. Buy the film The Tourist Paul Bettany plays the tough-as-nails obsessively deranged Scotland Yard Inspector Acherson pretty well, and Steven Berkoff does stand out in his hilariously over the leading portrayal of Reginald Shaw, and is somewhat reminiscent of James Bond villains from the 60's and 70's. Therefore while harboring an expectation to be thoroughly disappointed, unexpectedly it turned out to be very entertaining both to me and my partner, possibly a component of the merit need to be owe to the cinema's comfortable VIP room. The whole factor is fun, and the combo of Depp and Jolie is magnificent. Downloads The Tourist online And than we have eyecandy in the form of Angelina Jolie AND Johnny Depp. The Tourist movie download. My only thought was why. This movie reminded of old films, ❐s and ❠s-sort spy films in which there is small action but the characters are intriguing enough to make you pay attention and see if you guess who's who and what's what. The biggest issue of the movie is maybe these two megastars can't share the limelight together. Johnny Depp into becoming an unknowing decoy in her complex strategy toelude the authorities and a mobster that spans a chase via Parisand Venice. The Tourist dvd is an absolute parody of today's quintessential spy thriller, and the brilliance is that I went into this film thinking it was a drama and realizing by increments that it was the absolute opposite. This confusion makes the film seem a bit messy, even though it does play out perfectly and runs smoothly on the screen. Download entire The Tourist movie? No alcanza los niveles de bodrio de "Encuentro Explosivo", pero tampoco anda lejos. Firstly, a sappy, sluggishlull surfaces in the middle and threatens to be the usual patheticattempt at pathos, but thankfully is much a lot more short-lived than wefeared. Films The Tourist.

The audience applauded heartily as the credits rolled. It was a great movie, I wouldn't pay the 11 dollars to see in theaters I'd wait till it comes out and rent it. Depp is suited to the role. Maybe too subtle for some, but I had to go back and see thewhole thing again once Iɽ gotten to the end. Full The Tourist film high quality. After the very first ten minutes, it is lacking suspense and gets boring. What a waste of time watching this. They couldn't have tried to emphasize how stunning she was anymore than they already did. Regrettably, the comedy aspect makes it difficult to take the film seriously when you feel like you should be taking it seriously. Download The Tourist soundtrack? On a Monday night in Sussex it was actually enjoyable. Showing off glamour is fine,but when a film is so stylish that it distracts, something isn't right. Since the genius not only sold himself as a nerd tothe killers, the police and the girl, he sold the audience too. What a disappointment. "The Tourist" download. Not even a excellent rental,or netflix watch. Mysterious story, city of Venice and promising Director as well, every little thing looks just fine, what could go wrong. Elise Ward (Angelina Jolie) travels to Venice torendezvous with her lover, Alexander Pearce, a banker who embezzledbillions of dollars from his crimelord employer, and is now a fugitivenot only from Scotland Yard's Monetary Crimes Division, but also fromReginald Shaw (Steven Berkoff), the afforementioned crimelord. The Tourist dvdrip mu. The movie is so slow that my time would have been far better spent napping. Not as poor as what all the critics have been saying. The movie The Tourist on dvd I saw this over the X-mas break and had greater expectations for it. Possibly except for that von Donnersmarck, who shot so claustrophobically in The Lives of Others, does know how to shoot wide to portray splendor and richness as well as action. It was extremely classy and witty and the costume and set style was amazing.

We left the show to go watch yet another movie. My only real complaintis the score, I thought it got in the way at times and was a little too"sappy fairy tale" if you can realize that. Honestly, i left feeling like i should've carried out some laundry and watched reruns of cops. Nicely I've by no means seen so significantly obvious makeup on actors in a normal film in my life. The Tourist full movie divx. Buena peli pero es predecible. Angelina was seeking exquisite and her accent matched that of ElizabethHurley I thought. As a sign of the times, he isn't smoking cigarettes as Cary Grant would, rather he is smoking those electronic cigarettes that are made of plastic and contain water vapor. I was expecting that download The Tourist online would be a totally mediocre experience, even if it was directed by Florian von Doonweshmark (his name reminds me of Doofenshmerf from Phineas and Ferbs) who directed The Lives Of Other people which won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film which I by no means heard of. That is the fantasy, nevertheless the reality is slightly more disappointing. Here again the fancifully named Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck writes and directs this absurdity.

With the photos of Angelina and Johnny depp on the posters, I thought I would see some thing exceptio. Editing would have produced this film almost ideal, but none the much less it's a excellent watch and is a recommendation to all. The actors are amazing, specially johnny depp. Cannot wait till they both put something great out once more.

I thinkthey had been short on cash. Its about a private banker who snoops a gangster for 1. There's a fine line between becoming cool and being catatonic, and Depp crosses it. The truth that the plot is so incomprehensibly stupid and im. Geen verhaal,geen chemie, geen dialogen. Movie was a total fun and full of entertainment,just loved it and i mean each single second of it.

In their initial screen collaboration, these two icons each take on a new screen persona that the audience haven't really observed prior to, and both successfully. 5 billion anddisappears, now why would that have the British intelligence chasinghim makes extremely much less sense, the story claims its back taxes, but thenhow can he owe back taxes for a theft, utterly senseless. It was fun to watch and had a excellent twist at the end. Download hd The Tourist

The British cops will recuperate the 744 million poundsof overdue tax funds they wanted to get out of the organization.

Took my husband along, who at initial was a bit hesitant. Indeed, Depp's inadequacies in this movieis 1 of the key setbacks 'The Tourist psp' faces. But apart from that, Johnny Deppis a true deep actor, who pulls the game of several simultaneousacting really well: he plays his own public persona, playing the clumsynitwit, who is playing the master manipulator of the game. A dull mystery romance with luxurious surroundings. I was hoping before the movie began that the director would shoot new shots of Venice that haven't usually been seen prior to. On a Monday night in Sussex it was really enjoyable. A lot of movie goers like fantastic match-ups in movies, like Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw in "Jaws", Harrison Ford and Sean Connery in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusades" and Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton in "Twister". A excellent enough flick to make me pleased I saw it - PS - you Beverly Hills Cops fans will recognize the villain plus 40 pounds. By turns, it's supposed to be both a mistaken identity thriller in the vein of Hitchcock and a screwball romance. It looks like a large blockbusterand he's playing a character that he's never tried before: the leadingman. However, I cannot speak so extremely for her counterpart Johnny Depp. Lo unico chilo fue venecia. Not each and every movie can carry the heavily dead weight of non performing actors/actresses. But, it struck me that she wasbeing made to resemble Audrey Hepburn. Honestly, I hope the actors donate the funds from this film for something excellent for humanity to balance the universe for the creation of this film. Dvd The Tourist online. Following watching the predictable, but satisfying end to buy The Tourist, I felt like I ought to watch the mo. Mostly she walks around searching great as people follow her. Jolie is just another disappointing role, interpretation or movie. Johnny Depp had some excellent moments, but his character was as dull as every thing else with the exception of the scenery. But a movie that is advertised as a thriller, it lacks any form of grit. We actually left, which is so rare. Poor ambitions, indeed. He was, in my opinion, the one carrying the weight of the movie. I enjoyed this movie. If you liked "Salt" or "Mr. The Tourist movie dvd. I am writing this review after reading a lot of negative reactions on the IMDb forum from individuals who frankly missed the point. Angelina and Johnny had excellent chemistry and you could tell they enjoyed every other, but only as pals. Allactors are masked in the shade of their prototypes. Worst movie I have observed next to The Happening. Buy The Tourist movie online.

Musical passages that should be provided by the London Philharmonic. I say the action isn't extremely good because he stunts that are done in the movie have been done in other movies and carried out much better. Oh, I enjoy Billy Chrystal in Father's Day, and I can not ever assist laughing seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger walking in the rain with his head down and pulling a tiny dog after him, when he thought his wife cheated on him in Accurate Lies. Then it slowly (extremely, very slowly) proceeds to introduce everybody by name, rank and social security number. The problem, I feel, is Jolie. The boats are going down the Venice water techniques at what looks like only 10 mph. Angelina and Johnny Depp provide fantastic entertainment.

This is a good experience, a very rare thing to watch these days, andthat apparently was only allowed by the accidents of thepre-production. I guess numerous folks had been disappointed simply because they expected a lot more from such a talented cast, but I got more than what I was expecting and was really entertained throughout the film with the action and comedy. There is no real humor, only 1 part if my memory serves me right, and come on, in movies which are produced like this, we want some great jokes to keep us watching. The real star of the movie was the city of Venice itself, this movie will definitely make you want to pay a visit to. It isjust too presentable. Perhaps the money was just to good to refuse, or perhaps he was concerned about becoming type cast as a Pirate. Expected a lil more action but had a good storyline and was visually amazing. The films stumbles via its 103 minute running time with such small focus one is amazed to find the film is over prior to it ever actually begins. The title fit perfectly I felt like I was watching my cousin's video of their holiday in Venice. The director need to have been sitting and eating some nearby food on Venice, simply because I'm positive the was not even near the set. They would not be robbed if they were not rich. The scenery was also incredible. Oh yes, plot twists, but we know that already, don't we. Not each movie can carry the heavily dead weight of non performing actors/actresses. I went into THE TOURIST thinking "Okay, will this be another case of mistaken identity, or maybe another BOURNE movie. I went to the cinema with low expectations because I had read all the negative reviews about this movie on this web site. A fantabulous movie, this slow paced WHO IS IT captures the essence of old Hollywood, when Directors took their time to build characters. Only Interpol, or a couple of Interpol agents are honest, though some might already be too high a count. It could have been a severe film and it appears like that is what the film makers would have wanted, but with Johnny Depp involved it doesn't come across that way. It's all really satisfying and simple to comprehend. Watch The Tourist movie high quality. I liked the movie because it had a twist from the beggining so pay close attention. There are four episodes of daring escapes and chases, mostly taking location in the estuaries of the Grand Canal or somewhere close to the Rialto Bridge. I appreciate this type of movies that you are supposed to think at the meanwhile that are watching, and I.

Now the problems I have with the film deal primarily with the ending of the movie. The Touristonline! Theother reason may be that a lot much more was expected from directorFlorian Henckel von Donnersmarck who was following up on his highlysuccessful German Oscar award winning film, The Lives of Other people (whichranks at number 57 in the IMDb leading 250 films of all time). Enjoyable and stunning scenes of Venice.

Visually it is an incredible film to watch. The very first 10 to 15 minutes are about her and her situation. In this chase it takes Frank five minutes to jump off the edgeof the roof even though you know he will survive. American tourist, Frank (Johnny Depp) meets a mysterious beauty, Elise (Angelina Jolie) although holidaying taking in the lovely sights of Europe. It would be challenging for the most devoted fans to find any praise for him. I'm such a big fan of her that it is impossible for me to not like a film in which she graces the screen.

It's kinda obtaining old. 10Watch the movie; you will not be disappointed. I adore angelina jolie. The Tourist dvd full. Decent story, not worth renting. What is the film The Tourist about? Prepare to be disappointed if you are expecting Angelina Jolie to kick-ass in this film since the only kick-ass thing she did in this film is kissing Johnny Depp.

Even allowing for the fact that German aristocrats are traditionally really tall, and I have met a number of both sexes who are six feet three or four, Henckel seems to have over-carried out it. Please save your time and ten bucks and do literally anything else. Of course, THEN, you will admit to have seen two glaring faults (clues) and recognize that this story could never work simply because of them. The Tourist movie download sites .

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