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The Book of Eli

In a violent post-apocalyptic society, a drifter, Eli, has been wandering westward across North America for the last thirty years. He finds solace in a unique book which he carries on his person and guards closely, whilst surviving by hunting small animals and seeking goods in destroyed houses and vehicles to trade in villages for water and supplies. When he reaches a village ruled by the powerful mobster, Carnegie, the man views Eli's impressive fighting skills and offers Eli a place within his gang. Carnegie presses his blind lover Claudia to send her daughter, Solara, to at least convince Eli to spend the night by sleeping with him. However, Eli proves to be the better man when he gently declines her advances. The girl sees Eli's book, and when Carnegie finds out he beats her mother until she reveals what she saw. Carnegie sends his gang into the wasteland to take the book from Eli, but the man proves to be a formidable foe as he makes it more than clear that if they want the book...

Stars: Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis, Ray Stevenson, Jennifer Beals.

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The ending is unexpected, and may not be to some people's taste, but I understood it is purpose. It made me want to remain on the path God has created for me. Gary Oldman is often fantastic, Denzel was great as usual, Jennifer Beals and Mila Kunis had been also great. He requirements to remain alive, he has the will to remain alive. T helped by mental images of Family Guy. This movie trips a lot,some great scenes but on the wole this movie didn't hit me that a lot. Check ɾm out - you won'tregret it. Gary Oldman is a genius evil guy ) i hate him :D. The initial feel-good, post-apocalyptic, religious thriller of the year. I recommend this movie. You rewatch it and you are like "This just does not fit. Although there are now two hours of my life I'll in no way get back, at least I didn't pay $12 to see a lousy movie. Watch the Book of Eli. Gary Oldman playing a villian. The story for that period is fairly regular, as Eli walks with the book and Carnegie pursues him for the book. So when two opposing forces don't agree and won't veer a collision is inevitable, and the final third of the film degenerates into a nicely worn path replete with a million clichés, each much more nicely worn and cliché-ey than the last. Several may say "not really". The great, the bad and the ugly may give you a clue. Beauty is not all you possess, Mila. This is an ample movie to watch on a slow, boring day, but I doubt it'll warrant several viewings. Buy The Book of Eli film on dvd! The actoin was magnificant, the new world was realisticly and profoundly terrifying. It gets fairly old pretty fast. Hell, even Washington and the directors did some rewriting. Amazing film, loved it. The Book of Eli the movie characters. Produced me wonder wherethere are getting the fuel for their cars after a number of years of Doomsday, but i didn't care at the end. I was actually surprised of how a lot enjoyed this film.

I don't know if I could have got him there had Denzel's name not been included. There are elements in 1 scene 30 minutes into the movie of Kill Bill No. Channeling ➾n Hur', the Hughes Brothers make the argument that miracles can be found even in a post-apocalyptic world. Now he gets his chance to play a Rambo-type character in a "Road Warrior" type of movie. Right after all just prior to that she was utterly helpless and needed him for each step. You will see what I'm talking about if you decide to watch it anyway. I was notaware he was playing a blind character. This film had a very slow storyline that I would of stated was a bit boring and not entertaining and extremely boring in parts. The sense of loss and suffering displayed on film can be moving, while at other times it just feels like its there for the action scenes. A bit like Waterworld, but Dustworld. The Book of Eli hq. Make a movie look too great, and the end-product will often turn out to be disappointing. The movie is extremely exciting and it keeps your attention. We see the sacrifice early on and we don't acquire thehaphazard shell game that they attempt to impress you with. It's completely obvious this film was absolutely nothing a lot more than a paycheck to him. This 30 years following the last refinery wassupposedly destroyed. I can tell ya, that Ray is on his way to Hollywood being a talented actor. Luckily for Denzel fans, the Hughes brothers (From Hell, Menace II Society) decided not to focus on rape this time, instead selecting religion for their new film download The Book of Eli movie. Entirely unbelievable, not to mention totally unnecessary.

Like every person out there he knows it's a really dangerous place.

Excellent piece of function excellent to see a. Stream The Book of Eli online. It is stark, void of color, but bright in light of day. The Book of Eli download full film. They never saved any person nor helped humanity.

What a demonstration of how when God has a program, it is unstoppable. The Book of Eli movie online watch. I didn't get what was happened to all of those excellent folks thatwere living just before and why there is only 1 wise man on the earth. Watch The Book of Eli online dvd rip. Initial time the cross glitters on that book - this is where i, an orthodox Christian, personally get sickened at ones. No doubt that's much more than enough formany reviewers here, but the ending was in some techniques both predictableand slightly odd, however very unsatisfying. Had this been actual, Eli would have died possibly 10-15 times within those two hours, which would have in fact created for a lot much more entertainment than the actual movie. I found the ending to be the icing on the cake that made this movie that great. I won't go into detail as to what precisely the plot twist is, but it clearly gives the viewer the message that God was with Eli each step of the way. What are the ways for integrating the differentmodalities of our Reading. Here the plot is king, with every digital creation creating the movie's world richer rather than just attempting to impress you with it's fake extravagance. The Book of Eli high quality is a movie with dull characters, uninteresting story, plot twist that doesn't surprise and some dumb attempt at sending a message. Somente bom,poucos vo entender que se trata da primeira verso da Biblia impressa por Johannes Gutenberg - somente isto ,mas em momento algum o filme diz que sobre isto.

Eli is the man with no name for the contemporary age, who manages an air of justice although cutting down individuals in a rapid and wholesale manner. Download The Book of Eli online. I don't mind if you rip Mad Max if you do it well, and I feel that this is the finest that they could do given what they had. It usually forced you to questionthe actual history of the Eli, who was he. The Book of Eli out on dvd. It's fairly easy, go see it. I dunno, First essential component is that Gary Oldman was Great and gorgeous but apart from him and the really couple of action scenes this movie is just boring and completely absurb that is just unbelievable. It was a truly excellent perfectly fitted cast and they managed to give a really decent performance and superb action sequences. But it looked inspiring for her to don the sunglasses and have her own mission. I give The Book of Eli 4 1/2 star for becoming the closet film to perfection. Dvd The Book of Eli. I can say that this movie was a surprise for me. Watch The Book of Eli online. Government Homeland security insiders already are keeping track of Christian groups. SPOILER: If we're to think that Eli (Denzel Washington) is blind, nearly nothing that has happened all through the whole movie makes any sense. The Book of Eli the movie online! Violent, not for children, but a need to see. The world is again Mad Maxed, only this time instead of a young, handsome, as-however-untainted Mel Gibson, we have the formidable Denzel Washington as Eli, wandering the dusty, bleak land. There is ample violence and selection with Eli utilizing a machete, a shotgun, a pistol and a bow and arrow. And of course like in virtually all large spending budget movies, the poor guys are sodamn clichຝ that you see each move coming as if you wrote the scriptyourself. In a post-apocalyptic world of the near future, a loner follows his ownpath. I have extremely mixed feelings on this movie. The movie is beautifully filmed and scored. The last 3/4 of the movie is nothing but Christian propaganda which isunleashed when we find out that the "revival of society" the synopsispoints to is in fact the last remaining Holy Bible, which Denzelfaithfully protects on his mission from god to take the holy book west. So you could call it b-movie propaganda and you may not be toofar off. Now ithas come round on TV I thought it may be worth a second viewing. Carnegie exerts his influence over Solara via bullying her Mum, anddecides a small luvin might be just what Denzel needs, or at leastwill let Solara uncover information about what Denzel is up to. The Book of Eli stream online. This is an anti-intellectual film. I will not spoil the movie by delving in to the plot, but it is engaging and moves along nicely. Washington and oldman give outstanding performances. Terrible, preachy movie that's poorly executed and a "surprise" ending that isn't even close to believable. There are religious themes present, but they're handled carefully.

Pese a ser demasiado predecible, es una pelicula muy entretenida con un mensaje, que no es nuevo, pero que si parece estgar muy de moda ahora que, segn el calendario maya, se acabara el mundo. Download The Book of Eli movie online! .

A lot of the landscapes were CGI which didn't come over too well on TV. To a minor extent reminded me a small of Fahrenheit 451. Soon it starts to drag, because unlike The Road which is a long walk movie one gets the feeling some thing a lot more will happen in The Book of Eli film. It was pretty a lot the exact same bout the world ending & the road was way bttr but the road was only playing n 1 theater n my whole city wtf. And as I said before, Mila Kunis is always a delight to watch on screen and she is on her way of becoming a future star.

Long, drawn out, boring. Inspite of, in a short sum, being a film revolving about a man that is carrying a bible somewhere is a very captivating story and the reality that it was made black and white makes it for a lot a lot more dark atmostphere then if it had been colour. This showed me that the plot got a lot more and a lot more ridiculous as it developed. This is by-far 1 of Washington's finest performances and the plot is great. Superb acting, fantastic storyline, new fresh details. Except Denzel and Gary Oldman. We don't know where he's been and we don't know where he's going, we just know that his mission in life is to make sure the excellent book doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Move The Book of Eli. Then to prove how a lot she loves god, she takes a large machete and cuts off her pimps large sinner balls. Nonetheless, not numerous people criticized the 2008 remake of the day the earth stood still for being environmentalist propaganda.

Frankly, I still haven't discovered which is my accurate Achilles heel in cinema. A bible cannot really save mankind, by the way. Started okay for first 10 minutes. Denzel washington lastly in a different movie genre class. Personally, I think anybody fortunate enough to own a closet full of high powered rifles and a excellent store of ammunition--along with surviving military personnel--will rid the Post Apocalyptic World of all those who vaguely resemble the Lord Humongous and his clan of 𧿮l no discomfort' crazies within the initial week or two. Download The Book of Eli video. And paints (even if it appears a little unrealistic) a picture that individuals can still be good in such a world (nicely, I suppose in many methods a post nuclear war world appears virtually as unrealistic. SPOILER: If we're to believe that Eli (Denzel Washington) is blind, virtually nothing that has happened all through the whole movie makes any sense. Watch full movie now. The Story In This Movie Wasnt Confusing, or Tough To Follow, There Just Wasnt Enough Of It. The Book of Eli stream. Every single denzel washington movie. This was an utterly preposterous, over the leading, self-absorbed filmabout how religion can re-begin an entirely new civilization --- eventhough it was religion that apparently was to blame for triggering thenuclear holocaust in the very first place. Mixing Kung Fu and Jesus is alarmingly common, but this seemed a lot more pure, a lot more cinematic than most — something of "Last Man Standing" meets ⋊nticle for Leibowitz. Both the hero, Eli (Denzel Washington), and the villain, Carnegie (Gary Oldman), see the same thing in the book (which I guessed, early on, was the Bible), and that factor is power. I would say The Book of Eli full movie is a high quality spaghetti western with a message of hope. Eli hasmemorized the bible, so the Alcatrazites can gin up a new copy. An ending of a as soon as fantastic career. Clearly Denzel is the "excellent" element fighting for his belief in God and his vision that God lays out for him. There is also a deeper sense of the spiritual, unlike that of Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970) and in some techniques a retro-sci fi movie in that it incorporates elements or at least values of an older contemporary time and eventually appears to descend into a post-modern day western, including to its slight detriment an idealistic shootout that may well have been far better shoot utilizing some of the elements from Bourne Identity (2002) instead. The Book of Eli the legacy download? I feel the reason for most of those who truly disliked this film were overly macho and genuinely know (or care) about any religious teachings. Watch full The Book of Eli online? The only actually thing I could have completed more with is action. Essentially what will maintain up civilization. Movie down load. It's like the directors purposely kept sticking bits in the film ⟊use they knew it would wind me up. The Book of Eli full movies. Ten years ago, the Hughes brothers made a comparable mess that charmed with that initial promise that the style would carry us into hazardous locations. If you are a Christian and like post-nuclear war type moves (Mad Max movie series, Youngsters of Men, Terminator: Salvation) you will Adore THIS MOVIE. Haha this is certainly a Hughes Brothers film. I believe it will be coool.

Why does there have to be extreme violent fights.

Instead, it turned out to be a shallow, and above all boring, Christianpropaganda piece.

The cinematography, editing, and camera-function, while gorgeous at times, comes off as obnoxious and unnecessarily flashy. Early on you know the film has a twist coming, it has that type of feeling, but while your so certain you know what this twist is going to be.

Takes a various stance on the Apocalypse as it reboots the beginning of time also known as the Genesis. Post apocalyptic setting always makes for intriguing story to begin with in my mind. The Book of Eli in dvd. Following in the tracks of the far much more productive movie The Road it is sadly lacking in connection with its audience. The Book of Eli psp spoon feeds you absolutely nothing but a straightforward message, Mila Kunis, and some stunning action. The Book of Eli movie release! It lives by it's mood and the central performances (by Denzel and Gary). Website to watch The Book of Eli the film! He wants more power andterritory, and the book will assist bend individuals to his will. Watchable,a excellent concept and however still lacked punch. The last factor a post apocalyptic world needs is thestifling burden of creationism on its future scientific rediscovery ,by the end of the movie there is absolutely no case for the importanceof Eli's mission and the abundance of religious metaphor wipes away theexcitement created by the early on action scenes ( where it seemed hewasn't bulletproof however). I was so disasspointed. His travels soon take him to a little town controlled by a psychopath who is on a single-minded search for the world's most crucial book. Reading a little about Denzel Washington I understand why he did thefilm, but I can't see it becoming a plus for his career. Filme hd download? Over all,though it's not been nicely received everywhere and although notperfect, it's a excellent effort… Recommended. His daughter, Solara ( Mila Kunis), despises him for how he treats both her and her mother, Claudia (Jennifer Beals), who is blind. I suggest you go see this. Are we supposed to think the town islocated 100 ft above water level. Gary Whitta's script needed main improvements. Andyou could be excused if youɽ thought they would try to come back withsomething a small safer. Here we are as soon as once more in a post-apocalyptic world here we are in yet another bleak landscape populated by cannibals and other oddities, as the one. Although Washington and Oldman had been always watchable, and some of the combat scenes had been impressive, I thought the story was lazily written, and overall quite boring. I would recommend this movie to all. Thought it would have a more supernatural theme to it. Do not wait to see this on DVD, you will turn the machine off before it gets good. I saw this movie yesterday and this 1 of the greatest movies I ever saw. The Book of Eli dvdrip download. Still, for genuine humanity and depth of insight, Iɽ just as soon watch "The Road" again. Gary Oldman is always excellent, Denzel was good as usual, Jennifer Bealsand Mila Kunis were also excellent. The Book of Eli film divx The main characters left to significantly to b desired and lots of issues required to be explained even if it had to be completed in flashbacks. Sadly, I can't say that I would suggest this movie to any person.

And if you don't want the book, then why drag it west. So justenjoy the acting and when the credits run, fugheddaboudit. It is violent, but has a great ending. His acting is probably the greatest top quality of thismovie. It's answered in the few scenes.

The fight scenes were well choreographed, and Denzel was amazing as usually. Allen and Albert Hughes direct this sometimes lumberingpost-apocalyptic drama starring Denzel Washington as dusty drifternamed Eli, a man on a mission.

Is this not a sad irony and reflection of historical reality. The action scenes from Blade. In hisattempt to safeguard the Bible, we see the protagonist kill hundreds ofmen with his bare hands (with the aid of a sword). Hebelieves whoever possesses this book will be able to control theremaining and future inhabitants of the world. The Book of Eli is a movie with dull characters, uninteresting story, plot twist that doesn't surprise and some dumb attempt at sending a message. I found the film to be very dull and could barely hear Denzel's whispering. The Book of Eli online watch. A visually stylish and stunning slow moving post apocalyptic- western action movie. Denzel is kinda like Mad Max roaming the plains and kicking ass as he walks the Earth. We are utilized to the miracle of printed and digital words but if we had been to refresh our views what discoveries would it bring to these extremely things which we tend to perceive as mundane.

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