The Money Fix!

Watch The Money Fix, our latest TV special, on PBS stations and affiliates around the US.

The Money Fix, the latest Ethical Markets television special, has reached 30% of US markets.  It is available to PBS stations and affiliates for free download from Executive Program Services,  Ethical Markets produced The Money Fix for television, edited for television by Hazel Henderson.  Directed and produced by Alan Rosenblith (see for the full version), The Money Fix is a feature-length documentary exploring our society’s relationship with the almighty dollar.  Money is at the intersection of nearly every aspect of modern life. Most of us take the monetary system for granted, but it has a profound and largely misunderstood influence on our lives.  The Money Fix examines economic patterning in both the human and the natural worlds. The film documents three types of alternative money systems, all of which help solve economic problems for the communities in which they operate.

Want to see it?  All stations have to do is ask for it.  Call your local stations and ask them to air The Money Fix.