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Evelyn Salt is a CIA agent and highly respected by all, including her boss, Ted Winter. Out of the blue, a Russian spy walks into their offices and offers a vital piece of information: the President of Russia will be assassinated during his forthcoming visit to New York City to attend the funeral of the recently deceased U.S. Vice President. The name of the assassin: Evelyn Salt. Concerned about the safety of her husband, who she cannot contact, she goes on the run. Winter refuses to accept that she is a mole or a double agent but her actions begin to raise doubts. Just who is Evelyn Salt and what is she planning?

Stars: Angelina Jolie, Liev Schreiber, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Daniel Olbrychski, August Diehl.

Directed by Phillip Noyce.

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Watch Salt 2010 full movie.

Great of action and storyline. I don't care significantly(and you ought to too) about thereal political sides of "Salt", come on, Russian or American, itdoesn't matter. The whole movie makes y. Film movie download Let's all agree that Angelina Jolie is a beautiful woman. You require to keep your witsabout you although, since if you miss a line or two, then you could getlost and wonder what is happening. Uma Thurman is slightly much more credible than Jolie, but this kind of suspension of belief is too high for me to enjoy the film. I feel it would have been fairly bland(sorry, can't resist the puns) if it had starred a male lead. watch Salt movie is an action thriller starring Angelina Jolie and directed by Phillip Noyce. Don't get me wrong, that was really entertaining. A goodgovernment ought to be transparent. I'm a small fuzzy about what the Endgame is really supposed to be, but apparently so is Evelyn Salt, given that right after her cover is blown and she is brought into the fold with her sleeper agent counterparts, they kill her none-the-wiser husband and she goes ballistic.

He quoted this film as becoming a true action movie. I want to watch the full film of Salt online. Plus Angelina Jolie is such a badass. Watch Salt dvdrip. It's not necessarily poor by any means of the word, but it just will not transcend any standards or become the new "Die Hard" franchise we need to be so ready for. Russia, spies,CIA-sounds like my type of movie. The Russians apparently, back during the cold war, placed a number ofspecially trained children into American life as sleeper agents thatwould 1 day rise up, seize control of the American Nuclear Arsenaland. They have issues of their own. Buy Salt the film online. Apparently 2010's ȭownload Salt online" was intended for Tom Cruise, but was rewritten for a woman when he backed out. I love Angelina Jolie in these kinds of roles.

Best gimmick: to disguiseherself she DIES HER HAIR BLACK. I feel everyone knows that this is a typical interpretation of the 'spy country' in the movies, and it's obviously a false depiction. A cut above the usual thriller fare that delivers for the most part, only to begin flailing when it. Download Salt full lenght. Just, i do not truly like it. Live in afree country as opposed to an oppressive one. Salt full movie video.

All theaction sequences had been just so lame. Hollywood, please stop wasting money on trash like this. Jason Bourne has nothing on Evelyn Salt film, and we see her get out of some really sticky scenarios. It is just that it cannot earn its stripes when it's so gosh-darn generic, and you'd have to be fairly damn crazy to take the movie itself as seriously as some have. I personally am seeking forward to aSalt dvd 2, as the film seemed to end opening the doors to a second one,lets hope. The role of Evelyn Salt is produced for Jolie. Salt film length. Not a poor action flick. I Only can say "Where thehell are you waiting for, go rent it or if your a Jolie fan, like I ambuy it on Blu ray". The CIA and secret service AGAINunable to handcuff that ladies so she can Once again kill someone whilerestrained. It's really getting old. Film download. Jolie's judgement - she need to be either desperate for more cash or she accepts a role which concentrates on her physical attributes rather than the talent she does not have anyway (not worthy the Globe or Oscar category unless the jury is bribed. Nevermind the truth that there hasn't been a funeral for a American VPsince, well, since a lengthy time, I can live with the invented history. Watch Salt movie in high quality. Media: drive-in cinema played with the newest exorcist movie wich got a 60.

Download movie Salt is the greatest out there, and this makes me anxious for a download movie Salt II. Salt movie plot The first Hollywood give crap about others greatness. Jolie's role shows that either not a lot acting talent is required for the character she played or that the movie was desperate for 'the name' in the credits. The storyline is a bit worn however Jolie and the supporting cast do their job nicely to create a watchable film. Salt movies video.

Salt high quality is awful, there really isn't terribly much more to say. However as unbelievable (as in impossible to believe, not as in amazing) all 5 plots are, the idea that Russia need Americans help to start a nuke fight, seems kind of dumb. I personally am looking forward to a Salt movie 2, as the film seemed to end opening the doors to a second one, lets hope.

Angelina Jolie displayed superb acting in this film and has once again proven that she is bad ass. Ok, the plot was completely overdone to the point of being laughable, but Jolie as usual is superb.

I thought she was kinda stupid in Wanted, but in this movie she shines. Salt online full movie. For those who keep complaining that the movie is a rip off of othermovies. A movie that is quite short on thrills and adventure: buy Salt is the story of an American agent who is declared a Russian sleeper operative trying to prove her innocence. Pretty good since this is the 50th time she has played a spy-esque character. Would someone, please tell Hollywood idiots that the Cold War is over for over two decades. Salt the film.

What's worse is that Angelina is not even very attractive in this film. As the viewer, you'll find yourself constantlyquestioning her role in the story, even after her true identity isrevealed. Suddenly she is the most sought after fugitive in theentire country, but she is involved in a game with much higher stakesthan her own life… Comments: Actually, they are quite rare, the really good agentaction-thrillers. Philip Noyce sees to that personally. She then escapes by jumping from semi to semi to moving truck on the freeway. The only redeeming quality in the movie is that Angelina is hot, but then in the end she dressed up like a dude which completely unravels her hotness. Download Salt full. Great writing, and just all around a great movie, in my opinion. Apart from a tacky culmination, this one truly ranks as a fit popcorn flick. Oscar nominated for sound. Angelina Jolie stars asSalt, the CIA operative who is ostensibly outed by a Russian defector. The plot and characters leave no room for any emotional bonding of the audience, so we do in fact not really care at all whether Salt in HD survives. Screenplay writer Kurt Wimmer, while not exactly delivering a groundbreaking script, has created a complex figure in Evelyn Salt. A kick-ass," is she or isn't she movie. Great storyline and fast pace. Can an action film contain too much action. Great action, great plot twists. Over the top, action-packed, Americanized crap. It's really getting old. With this film, Jolieproves beyond doubt that no other actress can carry the weight of anaction film with the poise and style that she possesses. Wanted was okay, but it was such a violent film and Jolie wasn't the lead. Salt dvds entertainment comes from several plot twists as well as several "oh dan. Supporting roles from the ever-underused Liev Schreiber and Chiwetel Ejiofor are unnoteworthy, particularly Ejiofor who randomly disappears for half the movie. The film Salt. Things turn worse though when a Russian agent walks in claiming that download Salt movie is in fact a Russian sleeper agent planted many years previously. The rough and tumble physical stuff is second nature and she really throws herself around the screen. All in all the movie is all right as a thriller, but not so great fromit's action parts. I liked the female kick-ass aspect of the movie. This movie succeeds in that respect. However, there is a White House sneak-in scene that makes the believability of a 24 episode more plausible. The film contains a lot of actionscenes, but also some very violent scenes in which a man is constrictedwith a chain, another man is killed with a broken bottle - apart fromthe violence, the film doesn't have much profanity or any indecent. Plus it's so fast paced,you don't really have time to think about logic or plot,unless you really want to. Russians don't kiss each other as a form of greeting.

August Diehl is convincing as Evelyn's loving husband who by no means abandons her and adjustments her outlook on the world. Her journey from there-following, is filled with loads ofaction, and several twists and turns. CIA looked like a pushover. The idea of a double-double-agent sleeper turning against his/her mother country is not really new material.

An over the leading action, spy, chase movie, with a pretty face. Of course, I know that this type of factor happens all the time, and is usually very enjoyable and entertaining, in the Brosnan-era Bond films and other stuff like that, but in contrast to those films, this takes itself deadly severe, full of ruthless killing, arty flashbacks, and basically attempting to make Jolie look like a female Jason Bourne. If your seeking for an entertaining action film, filled with twists andturns, superb acting and you have the capacity to look outside of thebox, realising this is just a film and not a historical documentarythen this is the film for you. Excellent actions and plot. The supporters had been ok but thankfully the action was amazing. Enjoyable action movie, well done with a nice twist at the end. Even if I hadn't learned Angela Jolie was replacing a male lead, itwould have been painfully obvious. Plus it's so quickly paced,you don't truly have time to believe about logic or plot,unless you really want to. Acting's pretty good, and you can comprehend t.

After a 3 min opening sequence where we are introduced to a promisingAngelina in a prisoner exchange (positive the director is making use of torture asa cheap method to develop character depth, but that doesn't mean itcan't function), the plot flies off the rails. If the franchise continues, and it looks like it could, I'll be going back for seconds on Salt. A kick-ass," is she or isn't she movie. And for the individuals talking about how tiny Jolie is, Bruce Lee was not a huge guy at all. Im such a fan of Ange and this is what I love about her. Although Jolie looks frail, it's still a excellent movie. Then as very predictable herSuperior officer/friend of the CIA is a double agent to and figures outsalt is double crossing it all. Were can i download Salt the movie. Just sit back and watch.

What a treat to have a female protagonist in such a. Salt full movies.

I didnt know what to think of her till the end of the film. Salt watch. Still SALT is worth its money. Salt movie! Salt high quality, like several reviewers have commented, is quickly paced, full of action, and without significantly plot. And I will in no way forgive her for the bad accent in Alexander (and that's saying something as everyone's accent was bad, and the movie stunk she sounded like Dracula's retarded niece). Where can i download the Salt film? These same folks no doubt Love films like Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean, films of the fairy tale genre with license to dismiss realism altogether. The action scenes had been really good, had a really decent villain,and aside from the pointless plot-holes, Angelina Jolie was the onlyactress who in fact enjoyed playing the title character and waspraised for her performance. Pelcula promedio de espas con actriz de alto presupuesto. Hollywood wants to quit generating movies where girls kick ass.

SALT surprised me to say the least.

Angelina, I am a main fan. I loved the twists, absolutely nothing is what it seems. The upside is that this is certainly the last 1 of these kinds I take a chance on. A kick-ass," is she orisn't she movie. New film Salt. By not giving up party Salt really belongs to and cares about till later component of the movie, audience. Evil russians including a russian suicide bomber. Very first she is accused of becoming a spy in North Korea and is tortured until they reach an agreement to bring Salt movie online back home. From the moment that she was becoming tortured in North Korea to themoment when she killed her spy partner, she was great. This movie actually surprised me it's much better than what I thought it would be. High quality Salt! For me, this movie was the kind of action movie that kept you nailed to the seat, simply because you wanted to see what happened next.

Buy Salt movie claims this is absurd, but seeing the looks on the faces of herboss (Liev Schreiber) and Secret Agent Peabody (Chiwetel Ejiofor), buy Salt movierealizes that they are going to keep her at the agency and questionher. In the end, still not knowing for certain what sheis, she is allowed to escape by jumping out of a helicopter into alake, and as the movie ends we see her running through the woods. The movie does a great job of "Oh shes innocent, oh shes guilty, oh shes great. Good cast, great movie. I liked the female kick-ass aspect of the movie.

Far too much time is spent on chase / action scenes with no plotdevelopment.

It still does not diffuse from the truth, that the script is weak at best. Extremely action based and enjoyable and exciting to watch.

That was the worst movie I've ever observed. Cool movie,but strange,the guy who was shooting at her at the first location,later released her. Nonstop action alone doesnot produce individuals we empathize/sympathize with, unless you're watchinga WWE production. I've seen comic book superheros a lot more believable than the characters inthis movie. If you take pleasure in a excellent cat and mouse story with conspiracies and guessing games. The movie is absurd and it's the type of movie that you just want to smile and say actually for actual you gotta be kidding me. And i have no thought why there are so many individuals who hate it. Salt movie in high quality. Hollywood wants to stop generating movies where girls kick ass. Cool movie,but strange,the guy who was shooting at her at the initial place,later released her. It didn't bother me a lot that Salt movie online borrowed liberally from so many other films. Lame and totally stupid movie, makes Angelina look worse than she already is. Liev Schrieber, the man with the sexiest voice inHollywood, is his usual excellent self and one of my favourite men towatch, Chiwetel Egiofor, is also good. Everytime I stated she didn't just do that the story kept going and she did. I liked that the fights weren't all just chop shots and jittery cameras. The thought of a double-double-agent sleeper turning against his/her mother country is not really new material. Look forward to seeing a sequel on this one. Angelina Jolie es genial. For a film thatcommences so promisingly and keeps up that air of intrigue during theSecond Act, it feels as if director Phillip Noyce tried to pull anInception, that is, putting together an ending so mind-bending itleaves everyone in the cinema talking long following the movie is over. Is this film supposed to be cheesy, or are we really supposed to take its ludicrous twists seriously. I can feel of several things less tortuous thanwatching this pile of doggy doo. I thought we were all one large pleased family now. Matt Damon's Jason Bourne is a bitmore convincing, a lot more human character. Hate to admit i watched this.

I honestly didn't get why people liked this. Becoming trained as a Russian spy given that she was a small girl, EvenlynSalt film lived a secret second life all this time. I kind of wish there had been much more of them in the movie. I don't know if there's a program for a sequel, but the ending of the movie undoubtedly sets us up for a prospective sequel. And it doesn't dilute it with an halfhearted attempt at comedy. I could guess what was going to occur prior to it would. Guilty pleasure that is. Angelina excels in her kick-ass role,beating up and killing a ton of individuals without staining her pristinewhite shirt. Woman roughing up 250 lbs linebackers and throwing them around like ragdolls. If you don't take pleasure in this action-packed thriller, you probaly do not have a pulse. Download movie Salt hd! . Salt divx.

On the present days, the extremely efficient Salt performs administrativework with her boss Ted Winter (Liev Schreiber). It takes afew twists, including the changing over of point of view in the processof the movie. Jolie does what she does greatest, searching great while kicking ass, but the story fails on each and every level an. It is true that youdon't know who is with the excellent guys, and who with the bads, but that'swhen I didn't care anyway. Hd movie. Oh she has a bullet proof vest on. It was alright but too predictable. I felt like it tried to be complex and intelligent, nearly got there, and thought better. In Salt ipod she plays a part that is so second nature to her, she could most likely play it gagged and blindfolded and still have the desired effect. How to watch Salt film. So when they try to make them the bad guys thesedays it rubs me the wrong way. There are apparently secret walls that can block individuals in all through out the building, but they are only in a couple hallways, so intruders can still wander about. Nonetheless, they did manage to keep my attention with some fairly decent action sequences. Watch Salt hd full movie She's married and has a dog. Download Salt film high quality. Good mindless enjoyable that opts for more traditional stunt work. There's a lot of action to satisfy the average moviegoer and Angelina Jolie's performance is much better than expected, but Salt still suffers from the lack of intelligence that plagues most of today's action movies. Once again, regardless of the odd, cliché' ridden plot and the stretchedbelievability of Russians beginning anything a lot more than an impolitedinner conversation these days, Salt dvd is a fun movie. A solid film, true to the genre. Like some 110 woman is going to kill 20 security guards with ammo. Olek Krupa and Hunt Block's respective Presidents are purely ancillary characters and have no impact on the movie, even though neither is ever convincingly fearful of their safety. And also thestoryline was actually well thought out, because it keeps you in suspenseand keeps you guessing at who is who, who is telling the truth, andwhat is actually going on. Have you ever seen Equilibriumwith Christian Bale. You don't know who to hate or not. I must admit, that I really feel sorry for the crew involved in the project, It really gives me no pleasure to be so harsh, but there is hardly anything positive about this film. Salt full film. This is my first review for IMDb, as I felt compelled to do so following reading some of the. For me,the twists at the end sorting the film out and creating it "matter" moresaved it from total mediocrity. This movie is fantastic for entertainment,nonetheless the plot is a little shallow. Merely a chase and run film for the sake of vehicle crashesand closeups of Jolie's stunning looks, this endeavor wastes time andmoney. I knew immediately following discovering out that Noyce was directing, that no matter how implausible, and crazy it maybe, it would be worth the watch. Cool action thriller movie with a decent chase scene. Download Salt the movie. Now i would like this film far better if it explained stuff and put some realism into it. Video Salt?

The script isn't significantly cop, and lets some of the energy slip away when there's totally no dialogue by means of the Massive action sequences throughout. So there are many unreal details that won't match with the reality. The movie Salt may possibly be a good entertainment option for a lazy afternoon or evening. Watch movie of Salt? Lots of excellent action scenes and Angie is a babe still lol. This movie is fast moving with couple of unique effects other than fast robust believable stunts, well filmed and spliced. Where can i download Salt online! I effortlessly would give it a two thumbs up. Film hd download? Buy Salt's story might have been boring in a couple of locations and perhaps the characters aren't interesting enough for you to care about them but it entertains through the action and stunts. Won't be able to stomach it. Regardless of the intriguing camerawork and editing, as well as Jolie's fine performance, 'Salt' adds ver. My cat sprouted wings and flew up into the sky, eventuallylanding on the moon and starting a entire new population of space cats.

The story told in the movie is quickly-paced and full of action proper fromthe really beginning, and there are some actually nice twists and turns ofevents along the way. Its premise, about a sleeper cell of Russian agents hell bent on bringing down America would have flown 25 years ago, but not now.

But then once more, it is not a good one either. For me if only it has much more flavour. The character bits here feel strangely forced and virtually feel like annoying bits between the action. Breve y yendo al grano, que es lo que. Total popcorn flick with a decnt twist. I wish the movie wasn't so Absolutely PREPOSTEROUS, since aside from that, it is in fact nicely completed. Salt dvdrip? She delivers a gritty and masterful action role that resembles Jason Bourne with a lot of plot twists to maintain you guessing. You require to maintain your wits about you though, simply because if you miss a line or two, then you could get lost and wonder what is happening. The action secene had been poorly shot and horrendously boring. While the idea of the movie is really interesting, anyone who watchesthe film will end the movie asking a load of questions with out gettingsatisfactory answers to any of them. Ted does not think she is a Russian spy but the Secret Agent Peabody (Chiwetel Ejiofor) orders his agents to capture Salt movie dead or alive. Meh To see my full video review of Salt, visit the following link. CIA need to give a mission to Ethan Hunt, kickin Evelyn Salt ass.

In a way, it feels like the film is a few years too late and we've observed the exact same twists completed so numerous times ,we are fully expecting them. Angelina, I am a major fan. Download Salt movie in dvd quality I might have been able to deal with that, but the worse part was that I was got bored while I was watching it. Salt has all the seasoning to develop a best summertime escape, but it just doesn't quite meet all of your expectations. Whatever virtues this film may have had are undone with 1 patently stupid shootout sequence whic. Fast paced and extremely well written. But it was definitely a really entertaining movie to watch and I do suggest it for the Jolie lover, the craver for action or even the standard movie lover who wants to watch an entertaining movie. Angelina Jolie shows off her fighting skills when once again. Only trigger it kept moving and yes. Salt film to watch now.

I actually had no idea where was the plot going with this but it really turned out pret. Yes, she is going to beat the captain who is 5x as strong and 10x as talented.

I thought it was intriguing with lots of twists and turns. But we also see she in no way kills individuals, only wounds or disables them. Then I'd find my mind wandering. I did enjoy it, and I can't wait for the sequel. The only thing worse than becoming given crap is really purchasing it. Salt dvd rip. When I watched the movie it was tough not to get up from the seat and leave, simply because of it's highly unrealistic plot. For those saying the movie is racist and puts the Russian people in abad light.

He's excellent in "Salt", and even although the huge twist involving him is absurd as hell, he doesn't appear phased by its own idiotic and illogical qualities. The film, being an action film, brings some really amazing action sequences into the mix that keep you on the edge of your seat. This is pure escapism and that is what most movies are all about. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (1979, TV) and "Smiley's People" (1982, TV) both with Alec Guiness Not too a lot "intelligence" work in "Salt", just a lot of (excellent. Well i was hardly impressed, i predicted in mmm 40 min of the movie ifnot sooner that her boss is a Russian double agent as nicely. I loved her movies back when she played nerdy, sexy, programmer and was in tune with youth requirements. The plot is ludicrous and predictable with by-the-book action sequences. The principal plot begins to unfold soon following a Russian defector, Orlov, strolls into C. You are forbidden to read this before you see themovie. Salt online dvd. Some good action sequences cannot compensate for a script that is so concerned with keeping you guess.

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