Washington Post : Hillary Clinton Warns on 2020 Elections

Ethical Markets agrees with Hillary Clinton, who was denied the US Presidency by the narrow, now obsolete Electoral College, even though she garnered 3 million more votes in the 2016 election. She warns from her personal knowledge as former Secretary of State, of Putin’s designs to continue sowing distrust and chaos in democratic societies, while weakening NATO and undermining the European Union.
Clinton lays out the best roadmap for the Congress to follow up on the Mueller report , which documents the depth of Russian interference in 2016 and connections with the many Trump administration officials now indicted or imprisoned. Clinton calls for an independent commission to ensure overhaul and safety measures to protect voting in 2020.
This should be a key focus of both houses of Congress and both parties, while further investigation of the full Mueller report evidence also continues. We agree with Clinton and the growing calls for Congress to do its oversight duty under Article 1 of our Constitution.

Hazel Henderson, Editor

Washington Post, ” Hillary Clinton: Mueller documented a serious crime against all Americans.