Utilites Give the Big Picture on Electric Vechicles and the Smart Grid

Dear Hazel,

Greentech Media’s The Networked EV: Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles brings together the experts that will let you know about the big picture in the electric vehicle market!

Our opening roundtable session: The Networked EV Big Picture: Let the Rollout Begin will set the stage for the rest of the discussions by looking at the big picture, from the underlying battery technologies, to the networked charging infrastructure, to EVs impact on the grid and its availability/reliability, to EV policy, to the the next-generation of EVs themselves.

The expert speakers on the panel will answer questions from moderator and smart grid guru David J. Leeds, Senior Manager of Smart Grid Research at GTM Research, as well as questions directly from the audience. Don’t miss your chance to interact on a high-level with these industry leading decision makers.

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