U.S. Businesses Keep Pushing the Solar Power Envelope

Today we have some good news from the U.S. solar sector: Despite White House policies favoring fossil fuels over renewables, U.S. businesses installed 7,000 megawatts of solar capacity last year, up from only 2,500 MW in 2017.


As prices continue to fall—and more procurement and financial options become available—more companies are getting an appetite for solar. But as TriplePundit’s Tina Casey reports, it was early movers that really paved the way for the business solar boom.


“Early large-scale adopters—including retail and tech giants like Amazon, Target, Walmart and Google—helped to build economies of scale,” she writes on 3p today. “Their willingness to absorb relatively higher costs contributed to today’s robust, competitive solar market.”


Meanwhile, we’re also seeing businesses step up to address U.S. healthcare challenges and collaborate with cities to make e-scooters—once a major pain for pedestrians—a more seamless part of urban transportation infrastructure.


How’s that for some positivity to kick off your weekend?


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Mary Mazzoni

Senior Editor, TriplePundit


Mary Mazzoni

U.S. Businesses Keep Pushing the Solar Power Envelope

By Tina Casey

A leading solar industry group tracked 7,000 megawatts of installed solar capacity among U.S. businesses in 2018, up from only 2,500 MW the year before.


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