Trade war coming? What women want at work; Latin American unicorns

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Closing the world’s biggest skills gap. Latin America has data and solutions.

Trade war coming? Understanding the new protectionism and assessing the risks.

On the Agenda

The future of the Internet. Get ready for more regulations in these areas.

More is better – up to a point. How much money you need to be happy.

What do women need to succeed? A new survey highlights three strategies.

In Focus: Latin America

Ready to thrive in the age of the robots – with a new skills strategy.

Big money is flowing to Latam startups. Here’s how to make them unicorns.

The biggest threat to digital transformation in Latin America: cybersecurity.

Fighting child sex tourism and trafficking. Six actions companies can take.

How venture capital can cut risks and raise profits: rigorous ESG filters.

On our radar

Simple, effective genome editing. Coming soon to your dinner table.

Plague, fire and prosperity. The British economy from 1270 to 1913.

Stop saying “fake news”. Key points from a new EU report on disinformation.

Who keeps reporting UFOs? The US military.

Poverty’s toll changes the mind. Policies can respond with better timing and incentives.

The World Economic Forum in the news

Brazil to respond cautiously to US tariffs. President Temer speaks at the World Economic Forum on Latin America. (Reuters)

Blockchain could unleash small business exports. Cites Forum research. (Wall Street Journal)

World’s energy systems struggle to go green. Coverage of Forum study Fostering Effective Energy Transition. (Straits Times)

An appearance in Davos leads to fashion trend in Zimbabwe. (Chronicle)

Gender equality to benefit India most. Draws data from Global Gender Gap Index. (Economic Times)

An Israeli solution for Cape Town’s water crisis. Cites Global Risks Report. (Times of Israel)

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