Top 10 Stakeholder Engagement Trends of 2017

“This excellent review is well-worth reading, as well as the analysis of the current political situation by Bill Shireman founder of the FUTURE 500.  We are happy to be long time partners with this group.  ~Hazel Henderson, Editor”


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We’re excited to reveal the Future 500 Top 10 Stakeholder Engagement Trends of 2017 — our sixth annual report. Each year, we pool our issue expertise and perspective to peer into the future of stakeholder engagement and share our findings with you. The result: 10 key trends that will shape the stakeholder landscape in the coming year and beyond.
This year, we hope these insights will provide clarity in a volatile time for our nation and for nations around the world. Think of it as your “field guide” to navigate opportunities and risks in a changing stakeholder landscape. Download and read the report by clicking the button below or by visiting

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Global governance is facing historic uncertainty, but the mission for leaders in business and advocacy has remained steadfast: Collaborate, commit resources and influence, and build bridges to a healthy economy and a healthy environment. The economy and the environment are interdependent; their health enables widespread social progress. It is our hope that this year’s report will reinforce this idea, spanning every party and platform: We all have Earth in common.
Please reach out if you wish to dive deeper into any of the issues discussed in this report or into best practices for stakeholder engagement. Email [email protected]