Through death threats and scare tactics, Honduran reporter ‘perseveres’; The U.S. list of wealthy Russians and our offshore investigations; What to look for from Apple’s big updates this month

We’ve also taken a look at the Russian oligarch list released by the U.S. Treasury last week. The list, which has been surrounded in controversy after it was revealed it came from Forbes’ list of wealthiest Russians, has many names ICIJ (and our partners) have seen in our investigations.


And back by popular demand, we’ve taken another look at the mammoth tech company Apple. It released quarterly earnings last week, and (no surprises here really) their mountain of offshore cash has grown. But, what does that mean for the ordinary person?


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Amy Wilson-Chapman


The United States released its controversial (and unoriginal) public list of Russian oligarchs. Like their global counterparts, many of Russia’s elite love offshore services. We reveal the connections.

The tech-giant’s mountain of offshore cash is about the same size as the gross domestic product of Chile. A new law means Apple will now be able to bring some of that money back into the U.S. at a reduced tax rate. But how much of this tsunami of returning cash will go to the American public?