This Month: The Future of Work Hits the Road and Momentum Grows Against Anonymous Companies in the U.S.

“Ethical Markets supports these efforts to  make companies more transparent.  ~Hazel Henderson, Editor”

The B Team


Purpose-Driven CEOs: Steady Leaders in Turbulent Times 

In the past two years, we have seen an upsurge in CEOs staking bold leadership positions on issues ranging from immigration and refugees to climate change. This month, B Team Co-Founder Jochen Zeitz offers his thoughts on why we need more business leaders to step up as credible, moral voices on critical social and environmental issues.

100% Human at Work Hits the Road

From Sydney to London to Cape Town, the 100% Human at Work Initiative recently hosted events centered around the future of work. In each city, the group partnered with inventive organisations including Humanity United and the EY Beacon Institute to offer fresh perspectives on how businesses can foster innovative and dynamic workplace culture. Noteworthy ideas discussed at these gatherings included the importance of skills training, the growth of co-creation between businesses, the government and communities and how best to incorporate new technology into the workplace.
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Momentum Grows for U.S. Government Action Against Anonymous Companies

United States lawmakers are continuing to take action to end anonymous companies. A new Global Witness blog post details recently introduced legislation which targets corruption in areas ranging from defence spending to government property ownership. This follows the introduction of two bills with strong bipartisan backing into Congress in July. The end of anonymous companies would bring enormous business and societal benefit to the country.

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Earliest-Ever Earth Overshoot Day Highlights Need for Sustainable Living Solutions

August 2 marked Earth Overshoot Day, the date our demand on nature exceeds our planet’s annual renewal capacity. This year is the earliest occurrence of Earth Overshoot Day yet. The Global Footprint Network is working with 30 partners to #MoveTheDate of Earth Overshoot Day to later in the year. Learn how you can help this effort by calculating your ecological footprint and exploring the systemic solutions available around cities, food, energy and population.
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Acting on Climate Change is Africa’s Opportunity

Acting on climate change in Africa could lead to exponential job growth, optimized urban planning and increased agricultural efficiency across the continent. In her latest for the Financial Times, B Team leader Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala details the economic opportunities available for Africa through taking action on climate change. Subscription required.
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Yunus Social Business Releases 2016 Impact Report

Yunus Social Business recently released its 2016 Impact Report highlighting its major milestones of the year. As of 2016, the organization’s social business ventures have helped improve the lives of more than 1.5 million people around the world through access to essential services including education and clean energy.
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Natural Capital Protocol Toolkit to Help Business Understand Impact on Nature

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the Natural Capital Coalition recently launched the Natural Capital Protocol Toolkit, a resource to help companies implement the Natural Capital Protocol. The toolkit aims to assist businesses in addressing natural capital depletion through heightened understanding, thorough measurement and sharper decision-making.
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