There’s still time and space to join us in Mondragón, SPAIN!

Don’t miss Praxis Peace Institute’s 10th seminar and tour at the Mondragón Cooperatives in the Basque region of Spain! We have had many years to perfect this experience and this seminar will be extra special. Please don’t hesitate to call me if you would like to talk about the program and tours. The seminar begins one month from Sunday so time is running out. We work with a wonderful travel agent who can handle this and any other travel you would like to add. Everything is taken care of. You only have to register and show up, and then be prepared for a life-changing experience that will restore your faith in humanity and demonstrate what a transformed culture looks like!  🙂     

  ~ Georgia or call 707-939-2973.

JUNE 16 – 22, 2019 – Mondragón, Spain

Details and Registration:

The Mondragón Cooperatives have created an economic model that is sustainable, empathic, and ethical to the core. This is an opportunity to be inspired, energized, and motivated beyond your wildest imaginings! 

A Brief Overview

* Daily lectures in the Mondragón Educational Center in the hills above the town of Mondragón. This is where we learn about the largest and most successful complex of worker-owned businesses in the world, and how their ethics, democratic organization, and culture support this extraordinary accomplishment. From the Mondragón Bank (Laboral Kutxa) to businesses making everything from elevators and car parts to industrial appliances and computer chips, the breadth of this model is like none other.

* Daily excursions (except Monday) include:

                – the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao (Gehry designed & built by a Mondragón worker-owned                                                company);       

                – the Culinary Arts University Center in San Sebastian and an evening in that beautiful city; 

                – Vitoria, the capitol of the Basque region, where we have a special session at the Basque                                                                          Parliament with the head of the Department of Coexistence and Human Rights;

                – A visit to Eroski, the Mondragón megamarket;

                – A lecture at a Mondragón R & D center (The Mondragón Cooperatives have the largest R&D complex                    in all of Europe);

                – A day at the Mondragón University campus in Oñati, a beautiful medieval city with a very modern                        campus. We meet with students in the Teampreneur program and an American professor who has                     taught there for 25 years.

And, much, much more! Worker-ownership on this scale is an extraordinary human achievement. Or, as one of their parliament members calls it, “A model for Sustainable Human Development.”

Details and Registration: