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The Warrior's Way

A warrior-assassin is forced to hide in a small town in the American Badlands after refusing a mission.

Stars: Dong-gun Jang, Kate Bosworth, Geoffrey Rush, Danny Huston, Tony Cox.

Directed by Sngmoo Lee.

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The film riffs and borrows from dozens of films both from the east and west. The visual style is very much a manga infused style that comes from performing the film on blue/ green screen backgrounds. Yang's Clan starts a search for him and the girl.

Thismay seem like a cliché, but Yang's objective was in no way to grow to be a murderer. I was okay with thecontent the bloodiness is more ɺnime', less 'SAW XXII', and althoughthere was a subtext of sexual assault, it wasn't terribly explicit. Watch The Warrior's Way film. He even takes over the flower gardenthat no one had yet been able to correctly cultivate. The idea in itself sounds cool. It is worth seeing andowning. Also, whatever he says is mixed with heavy accent, just like early movies with Schwarzenegger. Lynne has the personally equivalent to a spoiled small four-year-old girl. The citizens welcome Yang and April, but Yang learns that his old friend has died. He falls in adore and is forced to safeguard the town and show downagainst the very clan he was fleeing from. This Movie has a few of such Moments.

Instead he takes the baby and moves out west away from his old life to a small town named Lode. A complete hollow and emptyscreenplay. On leading of that every person seems to be wearing fancy dress, several are circus performers you see but even the regular folk's clothes look wrong somehow. The same can be stated about the eastern setting. Let's go step by step: 1) Claim of visually stunning is overrated 2) Totally everybody's acting is overrated three) Storyline is predictable and uninspired 4) sword action is absolutely terrible. The Warrior's Way full movie. I would give it a zero if that was an option. Once more,it's a cliché that could easily have been mishandled, but that directorSngmoo Lee deftly utilizes. Nonetheless, Yang isn't the only resident of this thriving circus town who hides a warrior side. The Warrior's Way fillm.

Weare dealing with arch-sorts and characters andnot actually actual individuals which is fine. Indeed, Yang'staciturnity is matched only by his constant blandness of expression. Film movie download. Think of this movie like. Kate Bosworth was excellent in her character but type of annoying. Let's get down to brass tacks, shall we. Yang hangs up his sword for good because he knows that if he uses it he will be discovered and killed by his old master that he has angered for failing to kill the infant. Divx online. But in fact I ended up seeing a waste of my money. That just a waste of someextra bucks. The concept in itself sounds cool. It is not worth a blind acquire on blu-ray when it comes out. Nonetheless, when he meets the last 1, a baby girl whomeventually is named April, he makes the choice not to kill her. Right after that the actual action starts. I don't want to be mean, but know what you can do and can't do. Cinematic The Warrior's Way download Fun film and time goes by quickly. The cinematography is truly remarkable and gorgeous, the use of music is emotive and expressive (The primary piece is the recording of ȭɺmor sullɺli rosee" from Verdi's "Il Trovatore" sung by the fantastic Maria Callas). I hate myself for seeing this. That's fine, for a romance movie but for a romantic subplot to this particular movie, it's not the best formula.

What much more do you want. Nicely we got a film that tried to be several genres in the space of 100 minutes. This film is supposed to be an action ninja-fighting movie, however, the first component of the film takes on a various and awkward identity The MPAA rating states that the film is rated R for "Strong bloody violence" nonetheless it fails to state that there are some extremely disturbing, extremely sexual nearly rape images. The Warrior's Way film picture With The Warrior's Way, we get the bestof both worlds with likable characters, especially the small baby. The Warrior's Way movie in english to download. I was not expecting any thing from this movie so i am not thatdisappointed. Hi-def The Warrior's Way movie. Danny Huston's characteris a nasty one, but I'll let you guys watch it to see how nasty he canbe. The supporting cast is all adequate,with Huston and Rush chewing up the scenery (Bosworth, 1 of myfavorites, is a small oddly cast). The story is familiar, the-worlds-finest-swordsman-ever (Dong-gun Jang) is forced to make a noble choice and in turn, betrays his clan. This movie isno exception.

Warrior's Way delivers pure entertainment by the bucket-load. I want to watch the full film of The Warrior's Way online. There he befriends an assortment of odd characters which includes a drunk gunman (Rush) and a stunning young knives thrower (Bosworth), who he of course develops feelings for. It is worth going tothe theater to see. The Warrior's Way full vidio. A drunken gunslinger, Ron (Academy Award winning Geoffrey Rushof "Shine"), swears off his cactus juice lengthy sufficient to wield ahigh-powered rifle to perforate the Colonel's low-down minions whenthey storm the town. Too usually in action films you have to pick – gunslingers or swordfighters, comedy or tragedy, western or martial arts…today, the indecisive masses have their film. As mentioned the movie is nicely shot. New film The Warrior's Way The fight scenes for as soon as make honest use of theslow-fast motion strategy pioneered in the MATRIX movies they maketotal sense and don't appear contrived. Still,entertaining as hell, but don't waste your cash on seeing in that XDformat (which stands for eXtreme Digital). Stream The Warrior's Way. The worst attempt at a southern accent. Visually stylish and really undoubtedly not taking itself too seriously, The Warrior's Way reminded me of that most crucial reality that seems to elude most film-makers these days. Here, in action scenes there was nothingfunny - the action scenes, just like in any ACTION movie, focused onintense fighting, CGI, and gushing blood. Freshman writer & director Sngmoo Lee pays tribute to thoseEast-meets-West horse opera/samurai adventure epics from the 1970s with"The Warrior's Way," a synthesis of vintage Shaw Brother martial artssagas and violent Spaghetti westerns. You need to want to watch this movie just to see Kate Bosworth sporting a country twang. The Warrior's Way movie download sites. It was an outstanding way to spend an afternoon, and significantly, significantly better than a regular-problem time-waster. Another thing the circus troupe stas as a joint family also was a bright focus in the movie. If there's any criticism to be levelled at what essentially is a fun action movie it's that it is slightly derivative. No unique way of doing it,just the same move every time. Although you can't judge a movie from the trailers alone. That's since you need to endure (and yes it's sleep inducing) the enjoy story for the initial hour of the film that basically has as much spark as a wet match.

Jang Dong Gun is neither over-the-leading nor totally wooden as he plays the ruthless assassin cutting down his foes. The R rating is well-earned, as this is NOT for younger audiences. A folk tale that you read in a Hans Christian Anderson's book. There was onlyreason why any guy went to see this movie---ninjas. Full movie?

One suspects that the actor learned his few lines phonetically, thothey're delivered nicely enuf. Like if there wasn't already enough movies with cliché following cliché, but this movie is the really definition of it. Watch the whole The Warrior's Way movie I can't remember. The film is breathtakingly gorgeous at times with a classic epic old film style look to it and there's some excellent homage played to Sergio Leone of course. The Warrior's Way mov? I can't go as far as to say that comedy or drama scenes decide to suddenly barge into the plot as they did in Tidal Wave or The Host. Lots of floating and sword hacking but really small meaningful action.

I like to take movies forwhat they are, and I'll watch these sorts hoping to discover a sleepermovie that was excellent in it's own way or I go seeking to be entertainedand see a good sword fight, I got neither. I in fact liked the cinematography and the sets, but it just didn't use it sufficient to it's benefit. Geoffrey Rush was excellent, but the character was a waste of his talents. Watch The Warrior's Way full movie. Wow, thismovie was awful. I like to take movies forwhat they are, and I'll watch these sorts hoping to locate a sleepermovie that was fantastic in it's own way or I go searching to be entertainedand see a great sword fight, I got neither. As it was it was okay and whilst there had been flaws there are significantly worse films out there. Nevertheless, Yang isn't the only resident of this thriving circus town who hides a warrior side. Dad, it has Ninjas AND Cowboys. After a long time an superb experiment in action genre happened, Onecan just judge it only after watching this movie's trailer. There are some scenes which playmore than others. This movie feels like an additional one of those flickswhere a director cannot choose regardless of whether its a comedy or an action movie,so it ended up as something in between (Its far from Machete though). It even finds room for a composition straight out of 1992's Difficult Boiled. Heck, if the movie is moving along slowly, just have your knee-high 'little person' with an 8 drawn on his head grab someone else's testicles for a laugh. The Lead Don gun Juang, doesn't actually say much and did not have muchCharisma. A ninja movie with the smooth cool effects youɽ hope for, some cinematography reminiscent of 300, and the old west verses ninjas. If you can bare an hour of "love story" as the producers have promoted the film as, and some poor acting that goes with it, you can get to some truly fun action scenes. The circus town (really nearly a ghost town) which is his destinationworks for this movie. With some similar elements, where Ninja Assassin got things wrong this movie got correct. The Warrior's Way move. The 1970s saw a number of these oddball oaters where coiffed swordsmen and kung fu masters teamed up with swift-shooting gunslingers. Instead the story continues with the warrior's journey to look for hisold friend and he travels to a circus town in the 19th century WildWest of America that is full of cowboys with the exception of someclowns and 8-Ball – Tony Cox's character who aids the warrior aroundthe location as a Colonel roams the place killing anyone he desires, andeven going for rape. That just a waste of some extra bucks. A young warrior seeks to be the greatest swordsman ever, but refuses to kill the baby he is ordered to kill. In fact it was 1 of the most lifeless dull action films I have observed in a lengthy time. And I give it a 7 out of 10, it did its job of entertaining. It is entertaining in a lot of techniques thoughand has at least some thing pleasing to provide almost any viewer. I don't think our cinema even had a poster for it and it went straight into the smallest screen available on release. Therefore (shades of Great, Bad, and Ugly) we have a 3-way splatterfest at the end, as the villagers lastly gin up some gumption. It's definitely not the best movie I've observed all year. In order to keep "The Warrior's Way online" from crossing that line, so the locomotives had to go, because its presence would damage the filmmaker's ability to cultivate the lie, in which Yang's ethnicity is of an indeterminate origin, what the titles vaguely state as "the east. The Plot of movie is fairly easy. Well I turned up at the Multiplex without having a clue what to watch and thenext film showing was Warriors Way. The Warrior's Way? 1 of the finest examples of this,I believe, is the insertion of an anachronistic machine gun, where it'sused as a punctuating, percussive beat throughout a shootout/fight scene. The only other factor I can say is that Kate Bosworth's accent was TERRIBLE and annoying. Those details alone will undoubtedly bring comparison against High Noon, Shane and Seven Samurai to name a couple of – throw in the visual effects, fighting style and overall feel of the movie and you have a lot more comparisons to films like 300, Kill Bill and 2007's Sukiyaki Western Django (Never heard of it. So I think the movie is worth-watching. The cinematography is truly remarkable and beautiful, the use of music is emotive and expressive (The main piece is the recording of ȭɺmor sullɺli rosee" from Verdi's "Il Trovatore" sung by the great Maria Callas).

Koreansuperstar Jang Dong Gun, Kate Bosworth, Danny Huston and Academy Award-winner Geoffrey Rush star in this epic story of revenge and redemption.

You can see where the sets end. The Warrior's Way movies? .

This movie isno exception. It's so tough to locate a movie with the proper quantity of gore. Watch The Warrior's Way dvdrip! Seriously I don't think I have observed a film that hasas much slow motion action sequences. Now although I am not a huge action fan I have enjoyed several Martial arts films and a lot of Chinese films are visually creative and stunning and have great story lines. With this in mind along with theweak first half of the film I can't recommend seeing it unless you region large ninja movie fan. They show that if they had been given the chance earlier to let their characters shine and have much more of the screen instead of letting Kate Bosworth steal it, the film would have been a solid action movie. For the unobservant few who somehow missed it, the barely-in-her-teens girl was shot and forced to watch her father, brother, and mother murdered, in that order. The crummy factor is, after that first twominutes of setting up the stylish ninja effects and sword play. The R rating is well-earned, as this is NOT for youngeraudiences. The world's greatest swordsman abandons his warrior clan to begin a newlife in the American Badlands in THE WARRIOR'S WAY, a visually dazzlingmodern martial arts adventure with stunningly choreographed fightsequences and gravity-defying stunts. There wasn't any fancyflipping around and doing crazy stunts. Something about theinfant princess, Baby April (Analin Rudd), alters our pugnaciouswarrior's attitude. And it's left open for a sequel. Indeed, Lee and Kim have conjured up avery kinetic piece of blood and gore that need to make "The Warrior'sWay" an eventual cult hit on video given that audiences aren't turning outin droves to see it. By the time the huge ending had arrived I was fairly bored and didn't really care about the characters, except the baby. Other ninjas also locate out about his location. A folk tale that you read in a Hans Christian Anderson's book. I fully expected the film to close with Myers himself running acrossthe screen screaming, "Touch my monkey. IfJang Dong-Gun thought this was gonna be his ticket to Hollywood stardomala Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat or Jet Li, he is in for a rude awakeningbecause he does absolutely nothing to make himself memorable on screen forAmerican audiences. The swordsman of few words teaches the obsessed cowgirl to wield a blade and builds a closeness between them. The Warrior's Way the movie watch it. This movie feels like yet another one of those flicks where a director can't determine regardless of whether its a comedy or an action movie, so it ended up as something in between (Its far from Machete though). Many flaws in writing and directing departments. The Warrior's Way movie stream. There was suspense, humor, sadness, and adore. Overall its just a full package of entertainment all the time. With some comparable elements,where Ninja Assassin got points wrong this movie got correct. It'simpolite to dissect your dinner at the table. Where to watch the full The Warrior's Way film. The visual style is extremely significantly a manga infused style that comes from doing the film on blue/ green screen backgrounds. The Warrior's Way film watch films! From here on absolutely nothing a lot occurs except the heroines back story and the introduction of a poor guy plus the ongoing approach of his residence tribe the sad flutes who have managed to track him down. It's worth your two hours spent and then some. Online The Warrior's Way film. The visuals were really flashy, nice lightning and good camera angles, every thing the new movies have. I liked it, most of my pals liked it, only one didn't like it. Hq The Warrior's Way movies. I want to see a principal stream movie with an ordinary Asian principal character. The 1 of the greatest factor on the movie is the silent Love condition between the main characters. This movie was directed by a Korean director, and this is his DEBUT. The film is set in the 19th century and tells the story of a ninja assassin named Yang (Jang), who's recently taken over the title of greatest swordsman ever, who's on the run from his clan after refusing to kill a baby, the last member of their enemy. But, on a rainy Saturday I wanted to kill some time and this movie fit the bill. Our primary actor has no lines almost and the lines we do hear are deadpan and stiff. But he discover it to be challenging to assassinate a baby who is the final living factor of the enemy clan, thus decides to elope with her leaving his clan understanding he will face excellent danger.

Visually, it was fairly incredible, and the principal actor was really great. Watch The Warrior's Way online full movie. Danny Hustonplays the Colonel, a man who drops in and out of the town periodically,taking whatever he wants each and every time. The fighting scenes werenot that gory which i liked. Buy The Warrior's Way moivie high quality. If impossible watch is for totally free and attempt to sleepthrough it. I was not expecting any factor from this movie so i am not that disappointed. I enjoy Kate Bosworth in this movie, she is a saving grace to this film. I am not truly a fan of Jang Dong-gun, but that is the main reason I decided to watch this movie. Those details alone will undoubtedly bring comparison against High Noon, Shane and Seven Samurai to name a couple of – throw in the visual effects, fighting style and overall feel of the movie and you have a lot more comparisons to films like 300, Kill Bill and 2007's Sukiyaki Western Django (By no means heard of it. As an Asian I truly appreciated the truth that the movie attempted to break some of the principal stream movies norm. I am a filmmaker and I have a lot of respect for all films simply because it can be so challenging to make a film. Unique effects are no excuse for "special" acting and "special"writing. Geoffrey Rush is great as usual when his character andthe story itself allow him to act. The Warrior's Way movie hd? There is no huge, deep moral, or moments that make you believe "Wait, what. The only other thing I can say is that Kate Bosworth's accent was TERRIBLE and annoying. How to watch The Warrior's Way film. I've been watching movies with distinct kinds of individuals,and some may have not agreed with my taste in movies or opinions ihad about them, but this is some thing with what every single individual hashad a tough time not feeling sick right after walking out of the cinema. He defeated them all until there was only oneenemy left, a baby named April.

That just a waste of someextra bucks. Me and my buddies were really stoked aboutthis movie going in, but I just really can't say it was that excellent.

I was not gonna watch this movie but it was available totally free so i thoughti will watch it, a silly entertainer. With this in mind along with the weak first half of the film I cannot suggest seeing it unless you are a huge ninja movie fan. It was an excellent way to invest an afternoon, and significantly, significantly better than a standard-problem time-waster. The Warrior's Way movie full movie. Some of these killers are quiteinconspicuous at first glance, but Yang can spot them just by themurderous vibes that they exude. There he befriends an assortment of odd characters including a drunk gunman (Rush) and a gorgeous young knives thrower (Bosworth), who he of course develops feelings for. The dialog is stilted, the acting could use some function, and the plot is extremely redundant of the typical ninja films. I don't give a 10 rating lightly, this film was just amazing from start to Finnish. The performers want to make a complete transition from "traveling" to "stationary" part of that effort is in the creation of the gigantic Ferris Wheel. Fortunately, I was able to see the movie for totally free, but I still left themovie theater feeling ripped off. No matter how many bad guys die, they usually reappear in exact same number in the next scene. There need to usually be balance between the primary plot and the subplots specifically, the primary plot must outweigh the other people. The colorful characters, such as the ringleader Eight-ball (Tony Cox), the drunken Ron (Geoffrey Rush), and the knife-throwing Lynne (Kate Bosworth), rapidly befriend the wanderer from the Orient and his delightful small charge. As long as you go in understanding what to expect, you shouldn't be disappointed. Likewise many, numerous, numerous, many variations on sepia tones and odd camera angles, presumably demonstrating the distinction between Art and mere hack-and-slash escapism. This would have been fine if this wasn't emphasized so significantly throughout the lengthy and boring initial half of the film.

Paired with Kate Bosworth, who for some reason decided a southern accent went with the old west, the on screen chemistry is nonexistent and their love scene shows absolutely nothing to either titillate or make us think they have the hots for each other. Now whilst I am not a large action fan I have enjoyed numerous Martial artsfilms and a lot of Chinese films are visually creative and stunning andhave excellent story lines. Component of the reason it didn't really workfor me is Kate Bosworth who gives too mannered a performance. To maintain this short and sweet, this movie was not really excellent.

He wields a samurai saber with the finesse of a chefslashing up a meal.

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