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The Lion King

A young lion prince is born in Africa, thus making his uncle Scar the second in line to the throne. Scar plots with the hyenas to kill King Mufasa and Prince Simba, thus making himself King. The King is killed and Simba is led to believe by Scar that it was his fault, and so flees the kingdom in shame. After years of exile he is persuaded to return home to overthrow the usurper and claim the kingdom as his own thus completing the "Circle of Life".

Stars: Matthew Broderick, Niketa Calame, Jim Cummings, James Earl Jones, Nathan Lane.

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But, having just seen it recently, I really feel as if I should write this review. Excluding Who Framed Roger Rabbit which would have replaced Ratatouille). The music was brilliant, very noticeable, They(Elton John, Tim Rice) Surely deserve an Oscar. The songs are completely great, I had no idea that Elton John could write like that. It's a gorgeous film, a totally nicely-balanced film, that makes you laugh and cry at the correct time. It captures the essence within the initial five minutes. This film is wonderful, Having brilliant animation ideal voice acting, with every actor fitting in to their role perfectly. Watch The Lion King full movie high quality. The voice acting are also outstanding - specifically the sophisticatedbad guy Irons, the indoctrinating father Jones, the loyal, old schoolservant Atkinson and the funny annoying hyenas (Goldberg, Marin, andCummings) are perfectly cast. The Lion King online. I adore it because i was small until nw. I adore the soundtrack, its the finest soundtrack of any Disney film, period. And with the voice talents ofJeremy Irons, James Earl Jones, Whoopi Goldberg, Rowan Atkinson, plusmany, many others, the characters seemed a lot much more human to me than therepeated right after repeated princess in distress who is greatest buddies withnature as well…. The Lion King movie full movie. This was the very first movie I ever saw in theaters, saw it four times actually, so it has that place In my heart as a film fan. The soundtrack takes it to a entire new level. The Lion King HD' is also 1 of the only Disney animated films that is (or at least as soon as was) on Top 250. Animation, flawless, beautiful, 1 of the best of history. Then points get darker and the music gets deeper and a lot more epic than anyone who's not heard it can imagine. I really didn't like him, and when he grows up he is just like his father, you can't actually distinguish them. The Lion King full download

Dark thematic atmosphere 3. Disney's animated features are known for their gorgeous artwork. It opened June 24th to stunning crucial acclaim and box office success, beating out Forrest gump.

Which the animators may possibly have denied but it undoubtedly looks like an Ȯ" in the middle there) appear in the night sky. Nice to watch lion king ,,, i like it. Need to see both movies. This film is most tragic to me, and uplifting at the very same time. Favorite film of all time. Watch The Lion King film.

It is highly moving and one of the most emotional filmsthat I have ever observed. GOSH SUCH A HEART FELT FILM Adore IT. The Lion King film watch films. It just does not get much far better. In thecases of Simba and Nala (Simba's girlfriend), both young and old, thereis a noticeable difference between the speaking and singing parts(everybody else does their own singing and speaking), but in no way mind. He makes an amazing villain. The animation is brilliant, the characters are amazing, 6 out of 6songs are enjoyable, and the storyline and music were fabulous. Download movie The Lion King online. All in all, a fantastic movie that should be watched, ifonly for its songs and some scenes. A extremely touching movie. Such a great story about LIon. A Walt Disney classic with 1 of the most moving storylines and a gorgeous soundtrack. I saw this movie sooo many times when I was small, and can recite the entire. Film hd download. is up there with 𢯪uty and the Beast" in thepantheon of great Disney enjoy songs. I was just blown away by it.

I like all movies of Walt Diseny. Brilliant music, acting, good, animation, D.

The voice acting is nice, and Jeremy Irons delivered an incredible performance. Buy The Lion King film on dvd! This is an epic storythat contains more dramatic power than all the other Disney filmscombined. And the characters are go. Download The Lion King avi ; Every single frame is jaw-dropping. The Lion King film download full film. There are some fine songs by Elton John. The film The Lion King?

Quot; It gets to me every time. Top notch all of the way. This mix is fantastic.

Mufasa. You will laugh, and I say thatknowing how sorely lacking in humour some people are. As a child, he has the villain's tendencies in ways of thinking. Disney was at its high peak when the lionking came out and you can tell by the animation. This amazing Disney film has all the makings of a classic. It just works doesnt it.

Wow the best movie cartoon to me. A classic thats all i have to say :P. A lion named Simba is born in the Pride Lands in Africa.

After reuniting with Nala, Simba realises that it was a mistake to flee from his kingdom, and decides to return and thereby face his past.

Another film i cry at.

Hakuna Motata (or whatever). Great movie with lots of greatmemories. This movie also has in my opinion the best voice cast for any animated film. Otherthan that,though,it should OK for anyone. The studio was ridinghigh in the late 80s and early 90s with top-notch films like The LittleMermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin. Where to buy The Lion King film. Quot;The circle of life" brings the African theme into the movie with all the chanting. Full The Lion King film high quality. The story was touching, the characters were unbelievable, and the music was beautiful. Lastly, the hyenas (AKA Scar's minions) turn against Scar on the basisof a single remark he made to Simba in a desperate attempt to save hisown skin. Life that began in the pride lands, when the first score "the circle of life" lit up the screen in magnificent color and sound, with the new infant Simba being welcomed into the kingdom with the mark on his forehead (which could possibly be a mirrored mimic to baptism) and being raised over the ruling domain of pride rock for the animals to welcome their new prince. That movie is the first that ever made me cry and I can't avoid it haha The story touched me. Which the animators may havedenied but it definitely looks like an "E" in the middle there) appearin the night sky. The Lion King fim. One of the best Disney movies that have come out in my lifetime. He's so innocent, They add a lot to The Lion King. Buy online The Lion King. It was Okay, I'm sure that I'll be impressed more If I watch this ten years ago. Watch whole movie of The Lion King! First Movie I ever saw In theaters. Simba learns to live without responsibilities or worries, and puts his past behind him. It rules over most animated films. However Simba sees it as being fun and games and not as serious. Stream The Lion King.

I love Disney often have and probably usually will. The Lion King full film? It's dazzling in regular definition, I'm nearly drooling at theprospect of the eventual high-def release. Simba meets Timone and Puumba whotake care of him. Full The Lion King movies. 1 of the greatest Disney classic. Simba doesn't believe him because his father is dead. Watch the entire movie of The Lion King. I rate thismovie 10/10. Timon is incredibly effeminate and embodies extremely 'touchy-feely' traitsaround Pumbaa frequently stroking his rear-end and stroking his noseand general facial region. Now grown, Simba (Matthew Broderick) hasa run in with Nala (Moira Kelly) his childhood friend, although she huntsPumbaa. The Lion King release. Anyway, to cut to the chase, the movie itself is a triumph and 1 of the finest animated movies that I've observed. The Lion King movies dvd. Disney's severe efforts in producing some thing extraordinary as in The Lion King are no longer showing. It's hardly astory. In this meaning, it is an outstanding movie, butin my opinion need to be rated PG due to the fighting scenes anddarkness of some death scenes. It teaches avaluable lesson. Lastly, the hyenas (AKA Scar's minions) turn against Scar on the basisof a single remark he made to Simba in a desperate attempt to save hisown skin. I didn't personally care muchfor Atkinson, but hey, I've always preferred his Blackadder(inparticular following the first season/show) to his Mr. The animation is stunning, and I thought the voice actors had been all cast perfectly - particularly Matthew Broderick as adult Simba, as nicely as Jeremy Irons as Scar. Watch The Lion King divx. It never fails to engage the whole family and take them on anunforgettable journey. The Lion King online watch! Visually it was a fantastic meshing of technologies and hand drawn animation. Its a filmfor the entire family,its not just for children at all even if it wasprobably aimed for kids. I saw this movie sooo several times when I was little, and can recite the entire. Movies The Lion King online. I'm a sucker for excellent musicals. Definitely worth watching. A competitor for its place in the homes of America is virtually impossible to find. The story that follows is not as majestic, but the film has to tell astory.

Meanwhile, Simba meets a meerkat named Timon and a warthog named Pumbaa, and grows up with them. I swear, nothing can leading thismovie. Itstill works, and that's what's essential. Where can i watch The Lion King. DVD extras: What I found to be most surprising was the reality that 'The Lion King online's production was plagued by the very same sorts of problems that befall other films. By the time this movie came into theatres, Disney had at least two huge hits with animated capabilities in the early 1990s, which were "Beauty and the Beast" and "Aladdin". Download the movie The Lion King online

Omg such an amazing movie. Scar has Simba wait for a surprise and tells his to practice hisroar. Theemotions you feel watching this film is overwhelming. 1 of the greatest, most moving and well-made animated movies of our time. I guess another weak point is the scar song. The film follows Simba, via his childhood (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) and adulthood (Matthew Broderick). Watch full version of the Lion King online. I'm certainly still a kid. Disney certain make great animations. Lahat ng disney maganda. I know the quintessential tearjerking part iswhen Mufasa dies, but the component that always gets to me is at the endwhen Simba lastly ascends Pride Rock and looks up into the clouds andhears his father say "Remember.

This is far from a poor factor. Download movie The Lion King hd. One of my all-time favorites. Excellent animated movie and tremendous songs on the sound track. My most favorite thingsabout TLK contain: 1. Yes, the plot is easy - a prince who is dethroned, flees, and thereafter returns to take it back and thereby save the kingdom. It was one of the very first movies I ever saw, so that accounts for how much I love it. Itshould be rated PG. Itshould be rated PG. The Lion King was created at a time when Disney was booming. Everybody loved Simba, Mufasa, nala ohh. But it is indeed a excellent movie.

However his evil Uncle Scar wants to be king. The Music is not ofthis world. The Lion King the film watch it! The Lion King film" is not flawless, but on first viewing, they aren't noticeable, and it is likely that the young won't ever notice them. The Lion King online film. I honestly wish Disney produced a lot more stuff like this, because I really feel some of their recent stuff is horrible. Ann all time favorite. Then I hear in the commentary that there were rejected suggestions, last minute modifications, and that some things had been even limited by the budget. From its story to it's execution, it is flawlessly outstanding. Fundamentally, everything I discover visually engaging about lions is all but left out of the character style. This was the first movie I ever sawin theaters, saw it four times in fact, so it has that place In myheart as a film fan. Filme The Lion King. Aside from the musical elements one of the finest Disney animates ever. Simab sees that his dad's dead andScar convinces Simba that it's his fault that his dad is dead. Story is thought to be suitable for both child and adults. The Lion King download! My all-time favorite movie. Dark thematic atmosphere3. Children will adore the antics of the hyenatrio and Timon and Pumbaa, although adults will find the Hamlet-inspireddrama to be leading-notch. Several other memorable songs (sung by the characters) follow, including "I Just Can't Wait to be King", "Hakuna Matata", and "Can You Feel the Enjoy Tonight" (a song which you hear Elton John's version of during the closing credits). The voice acting are also outstanding - especially the sophisticated poor guy Irons, the indoctrinating father Jones, the loyal, old school servant Atkinson and the funny annoying hyenas (Goldberg, Marin, and Cummings) are perfectly cast. This was my favorite movie when Iwas like 8, and now I watch it over and over again but it in no way getsold. If you've got children, they will have agreat time watching this movie. I loved this movie, and still do. Then he sees it slip away with the death of his father and becoming driven out by the hyenas. I feel this movie was the first film I ever saw at the cinema. Greatest cartoon/ani every.

How many present Hollywoodfilms, animated or not, can you say that about. With gorgeous animation, memorable characters, unbelievable score, and a well thought out story with a excellent message for any person of any age ("We are all connected in the excellent circle of life", stated Mufasa), what's not to like. 1 of the Greatest I've ever watced. It was 1 of my fav. There are real highs and lows here, a top quality that most of the old Disney movies sorely lacked (and this coming from a big fan).

Sirli all these extremely various of equally talented men into 1 project and you have something magnificent. I was a total child of the ྖs(indeed, sometimes I still say "NOT. If he hadn't killed Mufasa then allthe drama with Simba wouldn't have even happened. How to watch the full film of The Lion King. The golden days of disney. Next to 'Beauty & the Beast' this is my favourite Disney movie. The Lion King movie is timeless, and a accurate classic. But each and every so frequently you see a film worthy of any price tag that actually makes your head throb and your heart ache, and it is even much better to see in a family movie. One of the Best I've ever watced. I still don't believe that there has been superior standard animation from the U. I think this 1 of the greatest Disney movies produced. He is innocent and naive and eagerly wants to grow up and take his place as King.

Disney continue their recent trend of well-known animated functions by bringing us this tale about the circle of life. The Lion King movie in english to download.

A spectacular magical fable brought by Disney. Scar, Mufasa'sevil and extremely jealous brother, wants to take over Pride Rock andbe King himself, and he is ready to go to any indicates to get what hewants. But knowing he respects his father's values, we don't require to fear that heɽ become a villain himself. Greatest cartoon/ani each. And the music keeps playing in your head. Overall, this movie is amazing. Anything that's produced forchildren, or is regarded as "family entertainment"(which is actually justa word employed to mask that something is produced for kids, sufficient so that theteenagers and possibly some of the adults won't make a run for it themoment the suggestion of viewing it is stated out loud prior to the familymembers).

Why is that, you ask, when there has been a bought VHS copy of the film in my possession given that around the time it was first released. It really is an experience you will neverforget. With out a doubt, they then scored themselves another hit with "The Lion King ipod". I laughed at some of the jokes, couldn't keep in mind certain scenes and generally enjoyed it.

The greatest story evertold. The very first film I saw in theaters, and still a favorite of mine. It's profound coming-of-age story has filled me with joy andheartache. The movie's environment is a mix of paradise anddarkness. The Lion King dowload? Gives delightful impressions, even though the acting performances of course is second in line in such a movie. To me download The Lion King will go down in history as the best child's film ever. No other soundtrack is more gorgeous than this film. Saw with my 15yr old when he was 1/2 yrs old we loved it. But this movie really is the ideal combination of profound life lessons, humour, and entertainment. The trials of Simba are thoroughly engaging and the world he finds himself in is richly populated by entertaining characters. But this one i truly loved. The Lion King hd download. Walt Disney's "download movie The Lion King". Overall, I actually enjoy this film I don't have any particular scene, and also the musical soundtrack was superb. I thinkthis is Hans Zimmer's Masterpiece. Watching The Lion King! There are a few intense scenes although,and a scene dealingwith ***possible minor spoiler***the loss(death)of a character. Dvx online. Good characters, excellent plot, good story, great effects, great music, no cheesy everybody-goes-into-the-middle-of-the-street-to-dance sequences, etc.

Also, the very first factor I seriously thought of acquiring tatto. Finest disney movie ever created :D. (Jeremy Irons' portrayal of Scar in The Lion King even sounds like George Sanders' portrayal of Shere Khan in The Jungle Book. Queen Victoria would have wet herself. It actually is epic in its scope and the opening scene is a ideal way of developing the universe. Buy The Lion King movie. Not only do they have excellent depth, but what makes them actually stand out to me is the way that they all grow as the story goes on. Where to download The Lion King. Eager lion cubs in anelephant graveyard, goose-stepping hyenas, lovable meerkats performing thehula and a lion cub held up in a ray of sunlight are moments that staywith viewers forever. All in all, this is 1 of the greatest movies ever made in contemporary filmhistory, and for those that want to go to a far better time through thismovie, and for those that ave miraculously never observed it, I seriouslyrecommend it to all. It is trulya function of art. 1 of the best movies of Disney. Where can i watch The Lion King online. Im 17 and i justed watched it once more i love disney. Full movie downloads. Pride Rock in Africa is where the earth is green and animals live in peace in the reign of the fantastic lion Mufasa (James Earl Jones) who is assisted by an old wise monkey Rafiki and a loyal bird Zazu (Rowan Atkinson). One of the most touching animations I have ever seen.

Produced in times that can nostalgically be remembered as the days when animation still had the old artistic beauty with just the correct mix of CGI. Though I have only seen it as soon as, i keep in mind the story perfectly scene for scene song for song story. Though its sequels or games weren’t too appealing, the original is still a masterpiece. Watch full movie now. His voice matches with that of the feisty young cub perfectly.

Scar's corrupt soul only desiresto be ruler, so he plots with the outcast hyenas of the out-lands tokill Mefusa and Simba. I know my score does not seem all that high, but trust me from me aseven is excellent for a motion picture of this type. I just can say that I still adore thismovie as a lot as I always did. Disney sure has completed a fantastic job on this film and it genuinely deserves the title "A Masterpiece. The Lion King the movie good quality?

Yes I own this movie. One of the greatest animated films I've ever seen. My favourite disney film. Watch The Lion King movie online. ChickenLittle, House on the Ranch, Meet the Rbinsons, Bolt. The Lion King ipod is impossible not to like, with it's stunning animation, the nicely fitting voice cast, amazing music that will in no way be forgotten, and universal rating. This, in my opinion, is possibly the bes. Omg I cant watch this, its so sad. The clever, power sick and evil Scar (voicedby Jeremy Irons), who naturally wants the throne, is of course fast torecognize that. If you haven't seen it but. He starts singing hakunamatata for goodness sake. The central character of the movie is Simba, thebaby cub of Mufasa, the king of the lion pride. Scar is everything a villain should be: cool, calm, collected,devious, and conniving. It hits home with the audience and makes them feel for this world. Some of the sequences are extremely dark and violent, numerous bordering on frightening, even for the older crowd. All i actually have left to say is that this is definitely the best Disney movie ever. Psp The Lion King movie download? The Lion King psp' is inspirational on so several levels and in such varyingcontexts that it proves memorable to the diverse range of viewers thatit already has, more than a decade because its initial release. Legal The Lion King movie download. Dark thematic atmosphere three. Each year i watch at least 3times and a outstanding Disney classic and the lion king is one ofthose films that will in no way die out.

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