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The Lincoln Lawyer

Mick Haller is a defense lawyer who works out of his Lincoln. When a wealthy Realtor is accused of raping a prostitute, Haller is asked to defend him. The man claims that the woman is trying to get some money out of him. But when Haller looks at the evidence against him, he learns that this case might be linked to an old case of his.

Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Marisa Tomei, Ryan Phillippe, William H. Macy, Josh Lucas.

Directed by Brad Furman.

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Enjoyed the movie, a solid thriller. I feel it's the first time that I've respected a performance by McCaunahey. The film knows when to take a breather, to allow the viewer the chance to gather their thoughts, and it also knows how to rev up the action when you least anticipate it. Watch The Lincoln Lawyer online no download While u know how every little thing is going down throughout the film, the fun is figuring out how it all plays out.

Entertaining and kept my interest. I loved the relationship between him & Marisa Tomei. 20 minutes into the movie and its a 5 star movie,truly like the role Matthew plays. Loved it from commence to finish. I found 1 somewhat huge "that coudn't happen" courtroom scene but otherwise the plot worked. The cast was excellent and it is the kind of movie you can go to on a date and have fun. Come on directors,if he refuses to attempt to transform into the character. download The Lincoln Lawyer movie" is a breath of fresh air. The Lincoln Lawyer film download! As a fan of the book and of the character of Mickey Haller in general, I was skeptical about Matthew McConaughey playing the component. A great legal thriller. And Marissa Tomei, she is so great you really think her character. Kept my interest all through the whole movie. I strongly suggest this film and promise you that you will leave satisfied. Marisa Tormei still knows how to work the camera and still got a sexy vibe. Superb movie and glad I saw it. Download The Lincoln Lawyer film in hd quality! There are some excellent actors in this movie and it is enjoyable from start to finish. This plot was clever and a little predictable, but you appreciate how it allows you to follow along whilst still making you really feel somewhat intelligent in the method. It has so several twists and turns that it's likely that Agatha Christie would be proud of it. I was scared the initial couple of minutes of the movie because the camera guy was moving way too much and it was generating me dizzy so I missed a lot of the dialogue that happened between Matt M and John L. It was very effortless to hate him. Solid acting, greats twists. Fantastic movie, fantastic acting. I'm saying B movie because it still has it's little flaws in direction, the story even although it was good it could have been approached in a different way and the ending could have been a lot more satisfying. Watch full The Lincoln Lawyer online. Lot's of great actors. Written with a lovely balance of courtroom drama and the characters themselves, the script is the film's greatest strength. In a city of millions, Mick had a prior client who is in prison for a murder that Louis was tied to earlier. Thought it was entertaining and was kept in suspense until the end as to how he was going to get himself out of his situation. On the Freezone on your DVR box from Cox Communications. His continuous pressure makes Mick fear that his family, including his ex-wife Maggie (Marisa Tomei), who is a prosecutor and their daughter, may be in danger. The Lincoln Lawyer movie full movie. The drama, action, and suspense was out of this world. Buy The Lincoln Lawyer on dvd. I a lover of most movies so I figured why not. Strong supporting work is dished up by Tomei as Haller's ex-wife, Macy as a private investigator and Lucas as an out-his-league prosecutor regrettably although Phillippe is a weak link, he somehow by no means convinces in his fairly easy role and nearly looks like he's disinterested to be there. It was not the typical story line. This movie is where Matthew Mcconaughey gives what I believe to be the best performance of his career. While investigating this case he realizes that particular things are amiss and a previous case in which he lost, could be linked.

I think this is why I am becoming possibly a bit generous with my rating of 8 out of 10 for The Lincoln Lawyer.

All in all a really enjoyable movie. Cinematic The Lincoln Lawyer download Com )you can discover many cheap and fashion stuffjordan air max oakland raiders $30--39Ed Hardy AF JUICY POLO Bikini $20Handbags (Coach lv fendi d&g) $30T shirts (Polo ,edhardy,lacoste) $15Jean(True Religion,edhardy,coogi) $30Sunglasses (Oakey,coach,gucci,Armaini) $15New era cap $15Bikini (Ed hardy,polo) $20( www. Thanks for the great deal Fandango. Watch full movie. I love the actor Matthew McConaughey. Order The Lincoln Lawyer film. I really liked the movie. His movies have been so meh in the past few years that's it is actually great to see him shining once again.

The storyline was really fascinating & kept you guessing all through the movie. Marissa Tomei was also excellent. Jordan six generations, storewww. If you don't mind the excessive drinking of the main character (which, I guess is component of his charm in a way), he is actually very an intriguing persona. The reasonably complex story is revealed at the best pace to keep you engaged. Matthew McConaughey is charismatic as the titular lawyer, so named simply because he operates out of the back of his Lincoln Town car. The Lincoln Lawyer dvd rip online. A supporting character even utters the truly redundant line "you can't turn him in and you can't get him off - what are you going to do. So far has not dissapointed me nice movie. The Lincoln Lawyer dvd rip download. If he hadn't utilized the poor snitch Louis woulda gone to jail for the assault. The film is gripping, nicely acted, and cleverly written. Mais um para a lista dos preferidos a assistir primeiro. Matthew Mc Conaughey did his usual outstanding job. A movie about lawyers that wasn't anywhere as boring as a courtroom. McConaughey did a excellent job as a sleazy defense lawyer with a conscience. Some of which function and some of which don't. Frances Fisher as Roulet's mother was criminally underused her vital role at the end of the movie felt a bit anti-climatic and forced since we by no means got a accurate sense of how twisted the character was. McConaughy plays his part well with the right amount of attitude and cool. Would watch it again. By the way, if Lincoln is a sponsor, get your $$ back. Some may possibly be put off by how it starts but i defy you not to be gripped as soon as it gets going. And as far as the trailer goes, it possibly hinted at all the narrative sequence to come - with Ryan Phillippe's Louis Roulet, a rich playboy realtor who got accused of bashing up a prostitute, and for Haller to defend him only to find that his client is a lot more than meets the eye and may not be the innocent man he incessantly proclaims to be, and ultimately locating room to threaten Haller and his family. Ryan Phillipe really convincing as he voiced his innocence on first visit with Matt McConaughey and on the stand addressing the jury. And there were a couple good twists. You maintain wondedring what he's going to do next. At this point the film becomes a straightforward, 'who's story do you think,' and as such, with the help of a private investigator efficiently played by William H. And Marisa Tomei's performance seems too cutesy. Full The Lincoln Lawyer movie to watch. There is one final twist that feels unecessary at the climax which maybe takes a small polish off the end but all in all its a far superior flick than most out there. I adore all the actors in this movie and get disappointed when I see such fantastic talent and not so excellent movie.

It is a great "wait until it is on Netflix" movie. The Lincoln Lawyer movie download hd. He seemed unscrupulous and unprincipled but at the same time we see that there are some customers he really cares for. Lincoln Lawyer is a heated courtroom drama worth a gander to the Law & Order fan, but most likely fodder to those who like their cinematic diversions less full of objections. The Lincoln Lawyer dowloand. Ryan Phillipe makes the intense nature of this thriller.

It exceeded my expectations. I was so impressed to lastly go to a movie that had a top quality cast of characters and a excellent plot. Watch The Lincoln Lawyer film in high quality! Mick Haller's relationship with Maggie McPherson is exploited perfectly without getting in the way of the storyline and his relationship with his chauffeur is kept to a minimum. I highly suggest seeing this movie. That movie was fantastic and I would see it once more. It reminded me somewhat of the movie: The Jagged Edge. Now,I haven't read any of the Haller books and I don't know if he's supposed to be in great physical shape,have a thick Texas accent and the standard McConaughey haircut. (Take note Hollywood, it doesn't take all the dirty-ness to make a quality film that can rake in the bucks. Maintain the entire cast together. Humor mixed in with Drama and your left wondering how McConaughey will resolve this case and clear his conscience. Full movie. Then theres a hit of morality when one of Hallers prior clients is involved and it seems there becomes a sense of redemption in place here for Haller why you ask nicely, you will locate out when you see it. I enjoy any movie that Matthew McConaughey stars in and this one was no exception. I liked that there wasn't a lot of the usual sexually explicit scenes everybody thinks makes a movie more intriguing. I guessed wrong each time there was a new twist, and that typically never occurs simply because it is fairly tough to fool me. Pena, in certain, plays a really emotive and, ultimately, really essential role as a wronged man in jail. Acting was great, didn't even notice that the movie was 2 hours long--so needless to say it didn't drag, & it had a excellent story line.

Matthew McConaughey is so handosme,adore to hear his velvety voice. Deffinitely enjoyed this movie as it kept your attention to what was going on and trying to figure out what was going to happen next. It actually is a distinctive premise if there was a fantastic reason for why he has a town vehicle office and not a typical law office. Undoubtedly worth seeing. I think most adults would adore this movie. One of those is Prosecuter Maggie McPherson (MARISA TOMEI). A much better than expected crime drama here from Brad Furman that is based on the book of the very same name by best seller author, Michael Connelly in which the clear driving force is Matthew McConaughey but has a strong support cast in Marisa Tomei, Ryan Phillippe, William H. Kept my heart a pumpin' & a racin' the whole way through. An intriguing and entertaining, nicely-paced legal thriller that runs for two hours and keeps you guessing the entire time. Totally ENJOYED IT. As slightly seedy, much less than glamorous. The Lincoln Lawyer movie divx. Good characters, followed the book religiously, liked the flow. In other words, I prefer them to be more like Amistad or Paths of Glory, and much less like Erin Brockovich or Runaway Jury. Also, for me, the music track assists to make a movie. Is it because he thought the Attorney/client privilege would protect him. Convinced from the outset that he Martinez was guilty, he is really very proud of having rescued him from death penalty, for a 15-year jail term. This is certainly an adult film. The movie had a number of unknown twists that seemed to keep it intriguing. Hd movie. It was a pretty great movie.

Mathew Mc Conaughey was excellent in his role. The Lincoln Lawyer the film high quality. I feel this movie is for adults who like to believe (and read). Still a cool dude is McConaughey. His principal clientele are LA's lowlife dregs.

The plot was extremely well written. The Lincoln Lawyer full movie divx! I had read the book a while back and my hubby had not, but we both liked the movie, theplot, the cast. Well, thankfully that only scratched the surface of the story, which with its rich characterization is one of the key factors why this film ought to be watched, since it's not your typical Matlock episode. The recent film buy The Lincoln Lawyer presents an unusual case, simply because it knows how to employ the traditional elements from the genre in order to show us the adventures from a extremely peculiar lawyer nonetheless, its structure and dramatic mechanisms are more similar to the detective cinema, with the lawyer also serving as the investigator of a horrible crime. Then he's nearly outsmarted by a psychopathic killer. Macy, Frances Fischer, Marisa Tomei, Josh Lucas, and Brian Cranston are great also, this is a film I suggest. It's relatively intense but the direction is also marred by an occasionally lazy visual style, with some unnecessarily erratic camera creeping in. I will in no way get another card from these people once more. Matthew McConaughey was fabulous, brought back memories of him in 'A Time to Kill. Also I liked the most the beginning of the movie, which introduced us to the principal character Haller, prior to he starts to deal with the rape case. Us )--- Steer clear of mailing. It seemed to me there waas a considerable amount of backstory that the film makers either assumed the viewers either knew or didn't care about. I was extremely pleased with the way he played the heck out of the character, with all the smarm, charm, conviction, and vulnerability necessary to capture Haller and make an audience root for him. Download The Lincoln Lawyer film score. Great suspenseful drama. This isn't watered-down PG-13 garbage. I feel they portrayed McConaughey to be a lot more of a dirty lawyer than anything (different than the book). You locate yourself in a very entertaining film of Bad vs Evil. Overall the average film goer will have fun with all its twists and lawyer lingo. Let's face it who doesn't like a Matthew McConaughey movie:). Thought it was a very excellent movie and would suggest it to friends. Matthew McConaughey did a wonderful job. It was even far better than "The King's Speech. Check ">it Out.

The client is self-centred rich kid Louis Roulet (Ryan Phillippe) who is charged with viciously beating up a prostitute. Overall, it's not a poor viewing࡛ut at home. The reason I say surprisingly excellent is because McConaughey has been making watered-down fluff for the past a number of years. It is face-paced and keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat. Finest factor Matthew McConaughey has completed in a while. Not saying significantly, but it is not terrible.

His portrayal here rivals or even surpasses Ȫ Time to Kill. I believe it should be written into his contract. As a law grad, it was excellent to see that they didn't entirely butcher the process in favor of drama. Soon, nevertheless, Louis is caught in a lie and the case becomes complicated when evidence of Roulet's past begins to surface. I actually believed him in most of the scenarios. My girlfriend actually liked the movie too. I thought there may be a reason for it and it would be explained by the movie but nope, sadly that was not so. The movie also just water-colored the realistic and tough life of a struggling lawyer who did virtually every thing in a Lincoln Town Car. Crackerjack B-movie with an A-list supporting cast and a pretzel twisty, humor laced adaptation by John Romano gets shrewd direction from Brad Furman in a strong debut. I also loved Trace Adkins' bit as a biker.

Ryan Phillippe who to me has by no means been a lot of a-list level actor, he gave a cynical performance as Louis Roulet and that was something that i believe i can give him a little credit for. But then as you get into the plot every thing works. He plays a pompous, over indulgent self centered and overconfident lawyer.

and the director Brad Furman makes great use of the L. The twist and turns keep the audience engaged through out. (movies) The Lincoln Lawyer. Matthew McConaughey fit naturally, smoothly, and successfully into the lead character of Mick Haller. Ryan Phillipe did a decent job at becoming a dislikable villain, and there were plenty of twists and turns to maintain you guessing. I believe it's a fairly far fetched shot to set up Ted (John Lucas) to use a poor snitch just cuz he's sort of a douche bag. It is so refreshing to see a Matthew McConaughey film that relies upon his acting rather than his physique. Film movie download.

Worth seeing on the large screen. Great drama, some twists, and a couple laughs. Definately an adult movie.

Phillippe's cool intensity is well utilized for his role in this movie. The camera function was a bit choppy for me at times.

It was type of slow and simple to figure out. Watch the real The Lincoln Lawyer film.

MM finally get's to act in a movie and he is pretty great, harkening back to his A Time to Kill days, regrettably, is current reputation as a rom-com dude may possibly hurt the box office for this film. The Lincoln Lawyer video download? Great acting, fantastic storyline. Watch The Lincoln Lawyer the movie. McConaughey delivers a typical McConaughey performance so I don't blame him for playing into his sort cast (lawyer who is conflicted but eventually does the correct thing when every thing around him starts to fall apart). However, I got lost at the end, was a bit tough to follow the sequence of events. Right after checking out the plot and cast, we decided it was the only reasonable movie in theaters this weekend. The story is typical cocky lawyer against the world, then the world turns on him and how is he going to win in the end. Welcome back Matthew McConaughey. This story emerged and grew right after author Connelly once met a actual-life "back seat" lawyer. There remains nonetheless some room for improvement. I'd see it once again in a heartbeat. Marrisa Tolmei does an outstanding job as his ex-wife/Assistant DA. Also glad to see Marissa Tomei has made a comeback ever since Cyrus. The movie was great, but produced me think it would have worked well as a series premiere for a new tv series. They have reanactments of it in the movie and they are not the nicest factor to watch. I am normally not a Matthew McConaughney fan but he did a fantastic job with this character. Ideal performances, too. I thoroughly enjoyed "The Lincoln Lawyer movie online. The Lincoln Lawyer online movies. The movie has a top quality cast of pros and veterans you will recognize and like the cast I'm positive. Cheap The Lincoln Lawyer film. I thought that the plot was very predictable. His very first lines towards his collaborations with Mick reveal a scared kid. The plot was great, the soundtrack was fantastic. Digging into the case, Mickey and P. McConaughey fans will be thrilled. This was a good story with twists and turns until the very end.

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