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“Don’t miss this latest issue of GREEN MONEY JOURNAL, our longtime friends! We congratulate publisher Cliff Feigenbaum, who also serves on our global  Advisory Board.

Thanks, Cliff, for being the first financial journal to publish on the now growing field of  plant-based proteins (in 2014 and in 2018 in the March issue on Water).  We now cover the new startups, e.g. Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods and some 20 other companies we also covered in our Green Transition Scoreboard® 2018 and the need to shift some investments from freshwater to growing the use of salt-loving, (halophyte) plants, like quinoa, which capture CO2 in their deep roots and provide complete protein nutrition for human diets, which is also accessed!


Halophyte agriculture not only improves the human food supply while saving precious freshwater, but is the lowest-hanging fruit for capturing CO2 and helping stabilize our climate.  We now also thank NASA Chief Scientist Dennis Bushnell and our Advisory Board  experts for joining in promoting halophyte agriculture:  Dr. John Todd, author of “Healing Earth“ (2018) and Janine Benyus, author of “Biomimicry” (1993)  and founder of the Biomimicry Institute and the consulting group B.3.8  helping companies and cities around the world align with the UNs SDGs .


As the Green New Deal becomes a visionary “moonshot” in the USA, we are encouraged that old paradigms are, at last giving way to new thinking and action.  Happy New Year!

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“.


Welcome to GreenMoney’s January 2019 issue featuring the newly released? Report on US Sustainable, Responsible, and Impact Investing Trends? from the US SIF. Spend some time with these articles on the multiple aspects of where the SRI industry has been and where it is headed. The numbers in the Trends Report are positive, as more investors, institutions and financial professionals understand that SRI is good for themselves, their clients, and all of us. The headline here: ?38 percent growth in assets using SRI over the last two years, totaling $12 trillion; one in every 4 dollars under professional management.?

If you missed our “2019 SRI and ESG Investing Outlook”? last month, the issue is available here. And as you make 2019 plans, check out GreenMoney’s Global Events Calendar featuring Sustainable Business and Impact Investing conferences happening all over the world.

– Cliff Feigenbaum, founder/publisher   EMAIL CLIFF

Reflections on SRI Investing in 2018

by Lisa Woll, CEO, US SIF and US SIF Foundation

Sustainable and impact investing in the US continues to grow and to make a difference. Investors now consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors across $12 trillion of professionally managed assets, a 38 percent increase since 2016. Financial firms and institutional investors are addressing a diverse set of ESG concerns across a broader span of assets than ever. Many of these money managers and institutions, concerned about racial and gender discrimination, gun violence and environmental protection, are using portfolio selection and shareowner engagement to address these important issues.


SRI Trends Report 2018: Executive Summary

SRI Investing in the US continues to expand at a healthy pace. The total US-domiciled assets under management using SRI strategies grew from $8.7 trillion at the start of 2016 to $12.0 trillion at the start of 2018, an increase of 38 percent. This represents 26 percent—or 1 in 4 dollars—of the $46.6 trillion in total US assets under professional management. Since 1995, when the US SIF Foundation first measured the size of the US sustainable and responsible investment universe at $639 billion, these assets have increased more than 18-fold, a compound annual growth rate of 13.6 percent.