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Announcing a Preview to “Limits to Electronic Growth”

by Katie Singer *


In the next issue of Development, the Society for International Development will publish my paper, “Limits to Electronic Growth.” The paper reports on the Internet’s footprint–its consumption of electricity, water and conflict minerals; its CO2 emissions; its hazards to workers and its electronic waste.

June 5 and 6, I will attend the United Nations’ Economic & Social Council, Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Science, Technology & Innovation. We’re not sure if Development will be available for this Forum. However, I’ve prepared a flyer that summarizes the issues presented in my paper. I plan to distribute it at the Forum and call for assessments of technologies before they are deployed.

The paper should be released by the end of June. Meanwhile, I’m delighted to offer this flyer about the Internet’s footprint. With two sides printed on one sheet of paper, it folds into 6 info-packed panels. Please distribute it as you deem fit.

Please note that in addition to translators, Reducing the Internet’s Footprint, a public education campaign, needs investors. In the next year, I aim to launch a model, lower-energy consuming website ($750/month); to create cartoons that fit on smartphones and large screens that promote ways to reduce the Internet’s footprint in print and e-media for parents, environmentalists, businesses, legislators, etc. ($2000/month); and to hire a publicist to help me speak about these issues on radio and podcasts ($350/month).

Would you like to invest in a campaign to Reduce the Internet’s Footprint?

PayPal can take donations here:

If you’d like to make a tax-deductible contribution to this project, please contact me directly by replying to this email.


Thanks for taking a look at the flyer:


Katie Singer