THE GLOBAIST : People-Centered Globalization?

“Ethical Markets recommends this sensible approach, which we call  the rise of  “The Grassroots Globalists“ (visual attached), the “small is beautiful“ movement that has been quietly growing worldwide ever since the book by E. F. Schumacher in 1973 and my “Creating Alternative Futures: The End of Economics“ with Foreword by E. F. Schumacher, (1978) now a free download at“ and “Let’s Train Humans First Before We Train Machines”.

~Hazel Henderson, Editor”


Yemen War

The Yemen War in Charts

A collection of charts, maps and graphs explaining the Yemen war. | By The Globalist

Future of Globalization

Toward a People-Centered Globalization?

After the Yellow Vests challenged Macron in France, is there a way out of the conundrum for the G20 nations? | By Andrés Ortega

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Macron = Renzi? Probably Not

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