The FCC just killed net neutrality. Now what?

We here at WIRED believe deeply that information should flow freely and fairly across the Internet. We also don’t like censorship, and we don’t like bots disrupting democracy. So, in the past weeks, we’ve written extensively about the debate at the FCC over net neutrality. Today, we write with both sorrow and anger, because in a 3-2 vote, the Commission stripped away those neutrality protections. But we’re not defeated. As Klint Finley explains in his piece, there’s much that can still be done to help the Internet remain the force for innovation that it has been. For starters, the lawyers are about to come on stage. And even if net neutrality can’t be saved in the courts, perhaps it can be saved in Congress, ideally through bipartisan collaboration. We’re not stepping away from the fight, and we’ve got lots of thoughts on how our readers can stay involved too.

Nicholas Thompson * Editor-in-Chief, WIRED

After the Vote

The FCC Just Killed Net Neutrality. Now What?

Groups plan to contest the FCC decision’s to repeal net neutrality rules.

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FCC’s Dissenting Voices Defended Net Neutrality To the End

The FCC has voted to roll back net neutrality rules. Read the statements of dissent from the two Democratic commissioners for a better understanding of just how much damage that can do.