The B Corp Community Newsletter: July/August 2017

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Champions RetreatEager to learn more about this year’s Champions Retreat? The annual gathering of the global B Corp community is October 3-5, and registration is open! Join our first ever Retreat webinar for the inside scoop on what to expect, how to prepare and ways to make the most of your three days in Toronto. Register and save the date for August 10th, 10am PST/1pm EST.

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B Local leaders from five outstanding communities hosted B Corp Leadership Development Conferences (BLD) this spring, gathering hundreds of B Corp employees for a full day of inspiring content and relationship building in their local regions. BLD events featured conversation and collaboration around themes like addressing racial equity through capital reallocation, human-centered design for social impact, using your core business to mitigate climate change, and building an impact brand. Get a glimpse of these inspiring events in the Bay Area, Western Canada, Ontario, New England and the Pacific Northwest.Complete the B the Change SurveyWe are working on finding the most useful and engaging stories to tell through our B the Change publication on Medium. (If you aren’t already following our stories or receiving our weekly newsletter, you can sign up today!) Help us cover the topics you most want to learn about and that you think the community could benefit from the most: Take this short survey to tell us what you think. It shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes.The Roshan Family FundLast month, we put out the call to the B Corp community to support our family at Roshan Telecom after they suffered terrible losses from a bombing near their office in Kabul, Afghanistan. In total, we raised $162,339 from over 260 donors, surpassing Roshan’s goal of $150,000. That money will fund the education through age 18 of all children whose parents were lost in the attack. Thank you for demonstrating our community’s values when it was most needed.B Corp Inclusion Challenge
Why Companies Are Becoming B CorporationsAs we near the end of the first year of the Inclusion Challenge, we wanted to share the incredible strides some of our B Corps have made to improve their inclusivity. Renewable energy company 3Degrees has taken a thoughtful, long term approach to their diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, spurred into action in part by the B Corp Inclusion Challenge. Read about their comprehensive approach to celebrating international women’s day (including a strike, a pledge, a donation and education!) and explore the way 3Degrees navigated engagement between their part time and full time employees.

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Optel GroupQuebec, Canada

OPTEL GROUP is the leading multinational provider of traceability systems that ensure the quality of consumer health products and help stop counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

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Northeast Solar Design AssociatesHatfield, Massachusetts, United States

Since opening in 2009, NES has installed everything from small 4kW residential systems to multi-megawatt systems large enough to power farms and businesses.

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Simply BusinessLondon, United Kingdom

With over 425,000 active policies, Simply Business is one of the UK’s largest business insurance providers, specializing in small businesses and landlords. Check out their B Corp announcement video to learn more.

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