Thank you so much for your support!

Thanks to all of you who’ve supported our Earth Day campaign so far! We are just over half way to securing all $45,000 in matching funds, and your support is incredibly important to our current preparations for oral argument in Juliana v. U.S. before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on June 4th.
We will bring 21 Juliana plaintiffs from all across the country to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on June 4 so they can look their judges in the eyes as they hear exactly how our Constitution secures a safe climate for generations to come.
We’ll need everyone’s help to get everyone to Portland as powerfully prepared as possible. If you haven’t already, you can still make a donation today to help us do so, and your gift will have twice the impact when it is doubled by the generous matching challenge we are half way to securing!
If you’ve already made a contribution, we thank you for your invaluable support. If you are able to make a contribution today, you’ll help us secure these critical matching funds to help us present our case as best we can before the U.S. Court of Appeals on June 4th!
Thank you so much for your support at this critical time.
The Our Children’s Trust Team
P.S. More details to come about how you can support Juliana v. U.S. in your community on June 4 and tune in to the live stream of the oral argument that day too!  Donate Now. Your Gift Will Be Doubled!