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After receiving the healing powers from a magical flower, the baby Princess Rapunzel is kidnapped from the palace in the middle of the night by Mother Gothel. Mother Gothel knows that the flower's magical powers are now growing within the golden hair of Rapunzel, and to stay young, she must lock Rapunzel in her hidden tower. Rapunzel is now a teenager and her hair has grown to a length of 70-feet. The beautiful Rapunzel has been in the tower her entire life, and she is curious of the outside world. One day, the bandit Flynn Ryder scales the tower and is taken captive by Rapunzel. Rapunzel strikes a deal with the charming thief to act as her guide to travel to the place where the floating lights come from that she has seen every year on her birthday. Rapunzel is about to have the most exciting and magnificent journey of her life.

Stars: Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi, Donna Murphy, Ron Perlman, M.C. Gainey.

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Tangled title=

Tangled. Download movie online.

Despicable Me status. Download Tangled video. The finale was so cute and heartwarming. I WAS SHOCKED BUT LET'S FACE IT WAS Actually Amazing TO SEE A EVIL DISNEY CHARACATER DO THAT. 1 of my favorite Disney movies in YEARS. SPOILER ALERT** I have 1 cautious note for those with kids who adore Rapunzel for her lengthy hair. From start to finish. Tangled is the contemporary version of the old fairytale classic- Rapunzel. My niece was also pleased simply because she was lifted by this gorgeous pink princess (virtually a sister for her) whilst my nephew gets bored because it was lacking action and fights. Full Tangled. I especially liked the chameleon and the horse, they had been actually hilarious and had really fun poses and faces. Tangled en dvd. There some of the greatest songs I've ever heard I love Menken's uses ofMedieval music and 1960's folk rock with acoustic guitar to create thesongs and score. English: An excellent children's movie that entertains adults and kids is highly recommended. This movie was superb in everyway, and my son couldnt stop laughing. "Tangled" dvd. The characters reaction was nicely shown when they're sad or pleased. Perhaps I'm a small biased as I love Disney but this was wonderful. The Gist: A lengthy time ago, a drop of sunlight fell to Earth. There some of the best songs I've ever heard I enjoy Menken's uses of Medieval music and 1960's folk rock with acoustic guitar to develop the songs and score. I would undoubtedly reccomend this movie not only to children, but also teens, couples, and adults. That whole scene was breathtaking. Tangled movie direct download. Good ole Disney for you. Tangled to buy! This recent Disney movie is a great movie all around. Watching Tangled It's green when she has no worries, it's pink when she's feeling that something new is overtaking her. Very first off I ought to mention I saw this in 2-D NOT 3-D (I refuse to pay $15. Descargar Tangled dvd full. In the last couple of days of 2010, I got to see 1 more final movie andseal the deal on what I think is the greatest year of movies in over adecade. It makes me laugh and forget the real world. 1 and went for it, not expecting significantly anyway,just an entertaining movie, being from Disney and all. All in all, I want to throttle the people who put out the trailer. While there may be a musical number or two too several in this one, they are still pretty rare. Even although our youngsters range in age from 9yo to 18yo, we all agreed that this is 1 we want to own. I took my daughter to see it and she loved it. So far i have observed it twice. This has only happened to me with the movie Avatar, How to Train Your Dragon, and Tangled. Tangled out on dvd. Meanwhile a thief, who takes the name of Flynn Rider but that isn't his actual name. Film Tangled online.

It's like Disney Studios have a mold that they force each and every story into. Tangled full movie video! Afterwards, the witch chooses to spare him if he and the mother give her their daughter once she's born. Tangled movie now? There are too several pop culturereferences, herein. Where can i watch Tangled.

And American teen-speak in fairy tales actually grates, regrettably. Just before initial seeing the movie, I hadn't realized that it was a musical,so that was a pleasant surprise for me. Full movie downloads. There are moments throughout the movie where a characters faceisn't seen and you lose sight of the fact it's just stylized 3Danimation. Buy the Tangled film! Then, we have the chameleon. Watch Tangled full movie online. Her rescuer (the thief) is very funny. The story is straightforward, the characters charmi. This twist on an age old classic was the best I have each seen.

Not tough, but sufficient to get her to Stop SINGING.

That should be an indication of how a lot i like this movie. Watch Tangled hd? She stolen away by a witch who necessary this magical high quality to keep her looking young. Tangled film is an outstanding movie, with a deeply touching plot and the most great music (well OK, it's not incredible but still extremely good) and characters that bring life to the as soon as recognized as boring fairytale Rapunzel. Tangled movie' is also a little more psychologically deeper than the usual Pixar films. Repunzel (voice of Mandy Moore) is taken away from her royal parents at an early age. Liked the frog and the vividness of the images. How to download Tangled online.

Sowhen he was cast on Chuck, I started watching that show and I'm so gladI did. Greatest wishes my fellow film lovers, May possibly the magic on the screen inspireyou to excellent things. Tangled is based on the Brothers Grimm story of Rapunzel (the film's title was only changed from Rapunzel shortly prior to its release) who as traditional tales go was locked away in a tower with only her long flowing hair as a chance of rescue. Tangled complete movies! Saw the 3D version, what a beauty it is. Take your children or grandkids, they'll appreciate this, but hopewith all your may well they don't try to sing some of the songs on the wayhome. Anticipate to see a lost princess, grieving kin. Messages that i suppose are beingwell hidden into child subconscious and which they finally will findthe way to evaluate them when they will come of age. Where to watch the whole Tangled film It is actually nice to see Disney back on leading form. Download Tangled online is the first Disney animation film I have observed in quite some time and I was glued to my screen the whole time. Disney is back with a bang. I took my 3 year old neice to see this movie and she just loved it. If you want a film that will make you laugh, smile, or maybe even cry,see Tangled blu-ray. Website to watch Tangled the film. The final reason I loved the film, though it's not asprominent as the other two factors, is the wonderful enjoy story. Also, the ridiculous tendenciestowards half-hearted sitcom humour and ersatz pathos that kids'smovies have acquired over the past couple of decades have unfortunately notbeen fought against here, spoiling most of the attempts to recreate theold magic. In terms of honor your father and mother it could get confusing - but I doubt it. WhaT A MoviE CharacteR. Great movie kids loved it i loved truly is a cute movie and enjoyable for the whole family. (Such as individuals questioning about the weight of her hair. The scenery and basicconcepts had been still classic Disney, but the CGI made them movie vividand realistic but in a cute animated way. She was kidnapped by Mother Gothel (voice of Donna Murphy) because Rapunzel's long golden hair helped keep her young (it's complex but the movie explains it).

The characters' facial capabilities were hypnotizing.

When titled "Rapunzel," Disney's strategy for this film was clear: appeal to a wider audience.

They lost that heart, magic and soul that once created themthe rulers of animation. Reminds me ofpathetic remakes of beautiful, old movies. What an era that was. Tangled download has looked back and went 1 far better. Sure, i throw her a halo effect (she reminds me of Celeste S. I adore the animation and the script is very funny and the actors had been a great option (mandy moore can sing anyway so theres no singing double. Rapunzel is fooled nevertheless into thinking that Flynn does indeed still want to crown, he is tied up and captured ready for execution (by hanging), and she is taken back to the hidden tower believing her "mother" was right all along. I got this random thought about masses of wastelanterns littering the woods on the next morning, and then all the timeI had to feel about this poor guy who according to the newspapers isfighting paper lanterns, since one of them came down on their houseand killed his son in the resulting fire. I feel this is the best disney movie given that Enchanted and it's 10 times better than The Princess and the frog. The animation occasionally is extremely detailed, while other times it messes up a bit, but this is rarely distracting.

The animation was outstanding, and I was amazed at all of the littledetails in all of the characters, objects, and backgrounds in everyframe of each scene. Typically my husband goes to sleep in movies if they are boring and my son makes twenty trips to the bathroom. Tangled" has it all really, such as the greatest facial- and mouth expressions I have seen so far in an animated movie. And it looks like "Tangled in HD" is performing just that, thanks to strong legs domestically and lucrative overseas grosses. For the past sixteen years, Rapunzel grows up believing Gothel is her mother and oblivious of Gothel's accurate intention. I THOUGHT MOTHER GOTHEL WAS THE Perfect Poor Individual FOR STORY LIKE THIS. Rapunzel has lived her eighteen years of life in a tall and veryisolated tower. Although it lacks the overall appeal that has made Pixar animations such a treat, it is nevertheless a step forward for Disney as they retread the sort of animation that made them so famous. Don't judge just from the trailers bc they don't do the movie justice. Tangled download full movie? I loved all the characters as nicely. Download divx Tangled movie! As a lover for fairy tales like The Small Mermaid ,Beauty & the Beastand Aladdin ,Disney went downhill with their last movie The Princess &the Frog and because then there wasn't a decent flick since 2007'sEnchanted which was my all time favorite animated/live action movie. But, I just HATE the reality that every movie for children are in 3D. The film's colours are akin to Sleeping Beauty with lots of greens and warm reds. Every thing that youloved in an animated Disney film is here in full force. I don't know if it compares to the classic disney princess movies like Aladdin, The small mermaid and Beauty and the Beast to name a few but overall it's a extremely great movie for our modern day. If you have children or if you're just a fan of animation then you ought to undoubtedly give Tangled a look. I extremely recommend to both children and adults alike. It is in these last 3 points that Disney's Tangled comes really close but not really reach, but, that's understandable given that it's based on a well-known fairy tale, and let's face it, when it comes to Disney animation, it has particular rules--repetitive ones at that. Characters falling from astonishing heights without injury, as well as an illogical ending in which, I'll be vague to not spoil anything,"love's powers" essentially save every little thing). "Tangled" download. There is this incestuous, nay, religious control the mother has over her daughter and always warning her of the evils that exist in the outer-material world. The Gags were funny too. The characters have a contemporary edge to themthat makes them fun, yet not derivative. Tangled fil? It is pure disney perfection at its greatest every person should rush to see this movie i can not wait for the bluray to come out i am counting the days. Films Tangled! Although some of the most well-liked recent animated capabilities have generated major and minor sequels, this is the very first animated film in my experience where Iɽ love to see these animated characters AS DRAWN and VOICED reused in other, not necessarily related properties as if they were actual actors.

If you see this, see it in 3D. Tangled movie summary. Very frankly, when I stepped into the cinema to watch 'Tangled', I didn't know what to expect. It turned out as 1 of the most beautiful CG animated films. Many Moore was fantastic for herspeaking role, she can actually sing as nicely. Movie "Tangled". I was talked into going to this movie by my family and was "ok" with going to see it but I was totally, delightfully, surprised.

Don't be afraid to laugh and cry it shows enjoyment. The plot was great, the characters were a. Tangled full movie download.

This version relies on magic,which if it wasn't so well completed, I would normally regard as a negative. What an era that was. When the "previews" are as excellent as Tangled dvd's, you usually think they need to have pulled ALL the greatest parts, but this is one case where a film lives up to it's hype. Our entire family thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The Visuals had been by far one of the greatest qualities of this film. A turn towards realism goes wellwith me. It's a movie any age can appreciate since it makes you laugh, feel joy and hope and it makes you smile, but it also keeps you in suspense and questioning what happens next. Significantly entertaining, enjoyable, adorable and a excellent addition to the Disney family. This movie was superb in everyway, and my son couldnt stop laughing. How to watch Tangled film. But otherwise, the so. The story itself is simple. They're all about it becoming too violent for little children (possibly), and how the music wasn't all that excellent (completely wrong, IMO). Also, the ridiculous tendencies towards half-hearted sitcom humour and ersatz pathos that children's movies have acquired over the past few decades have sadly not been fought against here, spoiling most of the attempts to recreate the old magic. Tangled film hd download? Clearly Disney just pooped this out, hyped it up, then sold their poop to a worldwide audience. That destroyed the experience. And then, I watched it and felt severely disappointed. Great movie for the whole family. Disney 100%, 100% magic. Shemeets a most satisfying demise. I know that most Disney movies actually do a great job of generating you think, but this is some thing else. Tangled film watch full film?

Its enjoyable, to describe the story of rapunzel in a new fresh animation movie. But the thing is, it's still a magical adventure and is still worth seeing it in 3D in spite of the narrow and predictable story.

But accurate to fairytales in Disney. Overall it's a decent animated kids film but certainly not a great one. When the "previews" are as excellent as TANGLED's, you usually feel theymust have pulled ALL the finest parts, but this is one case where a filmlives up to it's hype. This wasn't another Shrek, nothing like Megamind. 'Tangled' film. I'm not a big fan of musicals but have to say I enjoyed this soundtrack a lot. I will certainly be adding this to my Blu Ray collection.

The film, like most films these days, can be viewed in Disney Digital 3D, which works nicely. They also created the prince a thief and added in some hilarity and entertainment to hold the attention of the audience. The whole Tangled movie online. Of Oscar Nominations: 1 Rating: 9. It IS PG for some (extremely mild) violence but I don't feel it would bother the youngsters. I have told everybody I know to see this. As a chameleon, Paschal likes to instigate conflict but swiftly recoils and turns the shade of objects around him when he's nervous. My friend told me that heliked the film. Seeking from the point of view children mainly, I suggest you do make your children watch ɻuy Tangled', as it will be a dazzling & memorable experience for them. The movie brought back memories of what disney movies utilized to be like, but even better as they spice the action up. Except i wonder why they didn't stick to conventional sel-animation (handdrawn) like they did with "Princess and the Frog". It looked like a classic Disney movie, but with the CGI lushness which these days's audiences have come to expect. Rapunzel's ethical dilemma stems from being an adolescent girl on the verge of adulthood. The funny and yes, in fact sexy animated leading man and his innocent but capable leading lady anchor a near perfect animated cast. Tangledmovie. And get a contracted promise with a payback forfeiture.

The bad mother component is a little heavy-handed but the actress who portrayed and sang it was excellent.

Entertain/fun/step on classic/fresh new suggestions without changing the pattern. I was entirely blown, the movie is so funny, created me laugh a lot more than The Hangover, but hey,that's just my opinion. The PG rating specifically states, PARENTS ARE URGED TO USE "PARENTAL GUIDANCE", AS THE MOTION PICTURE Might CONTAIN SOME MATERIAL PARENTS May well NOT LIKE FOR THEIR YOUNGER Youngsters TO VIEW. Personally, I thought that the dialogue was fantastic and all of the characters worked well together. Divx online. The songs contribute nicely to the story-telling and the jokes function efficiently. Contemporary and unpredictable story.

Bolt and Meet the Robinsons had been both very OK films but struggled to have that unique"something" to make individuals endear to them. I saw this movie with my mom and 11 year old daughter. But after I have observed this a couple of times, I understand that this is indeed a brilliant movie. All proper, finally to the good stuff. They leave the tower to discoverthe world she in no way experienced. I thought it was a excellent blend of old Disney style and today's taste. Hi-def quality Tangled. LOVED each bit of it.

Script is so well written and had lot of action and funny moments. While updating our own profile on Facebook we came across a great link posted by Apollo Cinema Burnl. Slater's lyrics weren't a treasure to hear either. Now that doesn't mean this movie isn't for youngsters either, it's for everybody to be honest. Tangled dowland Fortunatly, Flynn Rider and Maximus thehorse aid balance this reality out. Meanwhile "Chuck"'s Zachary Levi managed to switch his geeky side to a suave but funny flirt as Flynn Rider brilliantly, creating 1 to see Flynn's characterisation as a pleasant combination of Aladdin's upbeat courageous side and fellow prince, Naveen's flamboyance. Are we all fools or what.

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