TAMERA community, in Portugal

“Ethical Markets is happy to  share news on the further development of this sustainable community, as we have been in communication with them and seen their vision growing to fruition over the years.  Congratulations to TAMERA!

~Hazel Henderson, Editor”

TAMERA Newsletter

February 7 2018

We Proudly Present… Our New Website

On Saturday, we launched our new website – after one and a half years of intense work. At the same time, we are also presenting our newsletter in this fresh format, as you can see. We’ve invested a lot of energy in creating a new digital presence as we wanted to make our vision – our research findings as well as our education offers – more accessible to growing requests and an ever greater global need for credible alternatives. We’re deeply grateful for the generous professional support that so many friends and partners have offered to this project, especially to Jared Levy, Gail Davidson, Ruth Gordon, Elad Kaspin, Joerg Appenfelder, Manuel Richter, Ella van Gaya and Cameron Phelps – this project wouldn’t have been possible without you.

With our new website, we want to strengthen our profile as a peace research and education center in service of the Healing Biotopes Plan, our strategy for global peace. To this end we’ve also restructured our educational offers – transitioning from a model of stand-alone seminars to offering an in-depth educational pathway for peaceworkers and builders of a new culture: the Healing Biotopes Students Program.

We hope you enjoy visiting our website and look forward to welcoming and working with you this year!

Warm hearted greetings in the name of the Tamera community,

Martin Winiecki

Discover Our New Website


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