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The Kay Review of UK Equity Markets and Long-term Decision Making

Click here to download the report (PDF) by John Kay for the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, UK, July 2012 "Financial intermediation depends on trust and confidence: the trust and confidence that savers who invest funds have in those they choose to manage these funds, and the trust and confidence of investors in the businesses [...]

Fiduciary duty and clients’ long-term interests: UK initiatives launching this Spring

Network for Sustainable Financial Markets has posted a new item, 'Fiduciary duty and clients' long-term interests: UK initiatives launching this Spring' Several initiatives to increase understanding of the issue of fiduciary duty and acting in clients long-term interests are being rolled out, with NSFM participants at the forefront. As FTfm [...]

Demographics to Re-shape a Mature Sector

UPCOMING EVENTS UKSIF "The Kay Review - Interim Report" When Thursday 22 March Who John Kay What Professor John Kay will speak about the preliminary results of his review for the UK government of the effect of UK Equity Markets on the competitiveness of UK business. Where FTSE Group, 10 Upper Bank Street, London, E14 5JJ To [...]

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