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ShareAction (formerly FairPensions) welcomes the announcement of the terms of reference of the Law Commission’s review into fiduciary duty.

ShareAction: Review of investors' duties a ‘major step forward' ShareAction has welcomed Vince Cable's announcement of the terms of reference for the Law Commission's review of investors' fiduciary duties. The announcement, made as the Secretary of State appeared before a Select Committee inquiry into the Kay Review, represents the [...]

Occupy Rio plus 20 Statement

Thanks to OCCUPY RIO + 20!  We at Ethical Markets Media  have signed  this excellent, well-reasoned Statement and we urge our  friends to join us and me personally. - Hazel Henderson, Editor We, members of the Occupy movement and civil society, highlight the critical window of opportunity at the Earth Summit to vastly scale up [...]

Book Review: ‘Doing More With Less’

Book Review: ‘Doing More With Less’

Bruce Piasecki's "Doing More with Less" (Wiley, 2012) gives solid, homespun advice to corporate and financial executives about how to reform their short-term profit-maximizing in the coming age of diminishing planetary resources and a human population of already more than 7 billion. Read the review on Seeking Alpha.

Carbon Bubble Growing, but Markets Aren’t Listening

Published on GreenBiz.com (http://www.greenbiz.com) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carbon Bubble Growing, but Markets Aren't Listening By James Leaton Created 2011-07-15 04:46 How much carbon dioxide would be released if all the proven fossil fuel reserves owned by public companies was [...]

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